Are you looking for a town?


Not gonna fill the questions in full as I only joined this world yesterday, but here are some replies anyhow.

InGame Name: jotoon
Character Level (XP/XP): level 4 16/35XP - Newbie but active in all other worlds.
Current Residency: Homeless & looking?
Intended Character Build: I like completing quests and building, so I'll probably head that way again!
Declared Intentions: I prefer being active in the construction of towns, obviously I'm joining fairly late on, but I will build my character to suit.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Active towns!
InGame Name: Quick Draw Theresa
Character Level (XP/XP): What level you are and how close you are to your next? Level 8 49/81
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Previous Residency:None
Accumulated Contributions: None
Cash/Bank Account: 245 on character
Highest Attribute: Charisma (1)
1st Highest Skill: Toughness
2nd Highest Skill: Tactics
3rd Highest Skill: Stamina
Intended Character Build: Unsure. willing to take suggestions
Declared Intentions: Working, making money, leveling.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Looking for an active town.


Theresa! Join my Town!

I cant find you in-game so, i am mailing you here!


InGame Name: Thorunn
Character Level (XP/XP): 21(13/494)
Current Residency: none
Previous Residency:
Cash/Bank Account: 668$ and getting more :)
Highest Attribute: Carisma 8
1st Highest Skill: Trading 38
2nd Highest Skill:
Vigor/Leadership 18
3rd Highest Skill: Animal Instict 17
Intended Character Build: Adventurer
Declared Intentions: I want to be a member of a good town and a good community where I can grow high, get good items. And help the town with earning money ;)
Personal Requirements/Requests: I'm looking for an active town with members at my level.


InGame Name: Dooky
Character Level (XP/XP): Lvl8
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Previous Residency:None
Accumulated Contributions: None
Cash/Bank Account: 191/0
Highest Attribute: Strenght
1st Highest Skill: Construction
2nd Highest Skill: Vigor
3rd Highest Skill: Leadership
Intended Character Build: Builder
Declared Intentions: -
Personal Requirements/Requests: Looking for an active town.

Please send message ingame!
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InGame Name: Soupster
Character Level (XP/XP):10 29/131
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account:169
Highest Attribute: Strength 6
1st Highest Skill: 29 Toughness
2nd Highest Skill: 11 Animal Instinct
3rd Highest Skill: 7 Stamina
Intended Character Build: Soldier
Declared Intentions:
Personal Requirements/Requests:


Looking for a Town to Join

InGame Name: 4arms
Character Level (XP/XP): Level 10 73/131
Current Residency: Homeless & looking?
Previous Residency: None (but I am playing in W5 as RustleintheWild - Western Unity, and W4 as ZongZong - Blue Bayou)
Accumulated Contributions: I am an active player in all 3 worlds, and I contribute a minimum of $100 every week.
Cash/Bank Account: $110
Highest Attribute: Charisma
1st Highest Skill: Toughness
2nd Highest Skill: Leadership
3rd Highest Skill: Repairing
Intended Character Build: I am an adventurer and an adventurer I will stay!
Declared Intentions: My main aim is to join a friendly town to which I can contribute, and complete the quests!
Personal Requirements/Requests: I would like to join a town full of friendly, helpful people!:indian:

Cord Kirby

InGame Name: Cord Kirby
Character Level (XP/XP): 28 (658/851)
Current Residency: *******o - not looking
Previous Residency: Roadshow, West Berlin
Accumulated Contributions: $5000
Cash/Bank Account: $100+
Highest Attribute: Dexterity
1st Highest Skill: Aim
2nd Highest Skill: Dodging
3rd Highest Skill: Health Points
Intended Character Build: Already an accomplished duelist.
Declared Intentions: Dueling. Making money as needed.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Midlevel hotel, high level gunsmith, mortician, active members, organized town
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InGame Name: EdenVII
Character Level (XP/XP): 32 (337/1099)
Current Residency: Chimney Rock
Previous Residency: n/a
Accumulated Contributions: $8100
Cash/Bank Account: $850+
Highest Attribute: Dexterity & Strength equalled
1st Highest Skill: Setting traps
2nd Highest Skill: Vigor
3rd Highest Skill: Reflex
Intended Character Build: Already accomplished @ Soldier/dueller/money maker.
Declared Intentions: Help town grow, make money for town, build if needed to. Remain loyal & active of course :D
Personal Requirements/Requests: MUST be on the West side of map!!& have Active members. & be a Well Organized town.
I will not just go ahead and accept instantly the first offer put on the table for me, I will takle a little time to weigh up the pro's and con's from however many invites I receieve.


InGame Name: don.martino
Character Level (XP/XP): i'm level 29 and XP 293/910Current Residency: Dead Rose Town / Looking
Previous Residency: Dead Rose Town is my first town.
Accumulated Contributions: 3000 $
Cash/Bank Account: 750 $
Highest Attribute: Dexterity 12
1st Highest Skill: shooting 35
2nd Highest Skill: aim, appearance 24
3rd Highest Skill: reflex 23
Intended Character Build: dueling (i'm 329. now in the dueling ranklist), doing jobs
Declared Intentions: i wall pay cash
Personal Requirements/Requests: at least lvl 5 stores, mortician, and 15 members

thanks for inviting, i got a new town
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InGame Name: KCRed
Character Level (XP/XP): Level 5 6/59
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Previous Residency: None in World 3, just starting out in this world.
Accumulated Contributions: None, because no previous town.
Cash/Bank Account: $123
Highest Attribute: Does it matter? only lvl 5 ;-)
1st Highest Skill:
2nd Highest Skill:
3rd Highest Skill:
Intended Character Build: Not Sure Yet
Declared Intentions: Not Sure Yet but I do intend to be an active player
Personal Requirements/Requests: Would like a town with active players that contribute.



InGame Name: herantes
Character Level (XP/XP): lvl7 (40/74)
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Previous Residency:None
Accumulated Contributions: None
Cash/Bank Account: 179
Highest Attribute: charisma (3)
1st Highest Skill: toughness (11)
2nd Highest Skill: leadership (9)
3rd Highest Skill: trading (8)
Intended Character Build: Worker
Declared Intentions: Working constructing the town, roleplaying and fun!
Personal Requirements/Requests: Must be active, interested in roleplaying.



InGame Name: Mufc4life1
Character Level (XP/XP): Level 7 (Nearly 8)
Current Residency: Homeless
Previous Residency: World 7 = Utopia
Accumulated Contributions: Money
Cash/Bank Account:
Highest Attribute: Strength.
1st Highest Skill: Toughness.
2nd Highest Skill: Animal Instinct.
3rd Highest Skill: Trading?
Intended Character Build: Adventurer / Money Maker
Declared Intentions: Make money / donate to help town grow / enjoy game.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Permenant resident - no rotation please



InGame Name: Bobsy
Character Level (XP/XP): 7(6/74 xp)
Current Residency: 00000
Previous Residency: none
Accumulated Contributions: 10
Cash/Bank Account: 137
Highest Attribute: Mobility 2, Strength 2
1st Highest Skill: Toughness 7
2nd Highest Skill: reflex 5
3rd Highest Skill: vigor 5
Intended Character Build: Soldier
Declared Intentions: Help a Town grow huge, fun fun fun
Personal Requirements/Requests: town with active players nice willing to help me learn
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Well-Known Member
InGame Name: Martyhur
Character Level (XP/XP): 4(14/35 xp)
Current Residency: N/A
Previous Residency: N/A
Accumulated Contributions: N/A
Cash/Bank Account: 100
Highest Attribute: Charisma 3
1st Highest Skill: Vigor 10
2nd Highest Skill: Tactics 5
3rd Highest Skill: Appearance 4
Intended Character Build: Melee Soldier
Declared Intentions: Duel for the town and get mortician stats looking nice :)
Personal Requirements/Requests: Mortician is a must and also have atleast level 3 of each store!



Da Kewl

InGame Name: Da Kewl
Character Level (XP/XP): 5(34/46)
Current Residency: None
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: None
Cash/Bank Account: 108
Highest Attribute: Strength and Dexterity 2
1st Highest Skill: Construction 7
2nd Highest Skill: 5 different skills at 3
3rd Highest Skill: 7 skills at 2
Intended Character Build: builder for the town
Declared Intentions: Build for the town and make newcomers and old members apprecitate it.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Have at least 10 people and have low lvl buildings.

Dr. FP

Joined a town, thanks.

InGame Name:
Dr. FP
Character Level (XP/XP): 4
Current Residency: San Francisco
Previous Residency: None on this world, Bully on 6, Pierson Ranch on 9.
Accumulated Contributions: Mostly labor as they're workers but also a few thousand dollars.
Cash/Bank Account: 45
Highest Attribute: Strength 2, Dexterity 1, Charisma 1.
1st Highest Skill: Vigor 5
2nd Highest Skill: Aim 5
3rd Highest Skill: Appearance 4
Intended Character Build: Dueler of sorts
Declared Intentions: I can offer money and leadership skills.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Mortician with a decent amount of active players and forum.

Message me in-game.
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Time to try to find a decent sized town *sigh*

Well, like others, I was trying for a while to 'make it' in a (very) small town. Me and several others were trying to see how great we could build it up, and were proud of what we had put into it... But, slowly the town has decreased in size, bit by bit, until now, there are only 2 there, and the growth has come to a standstill. So, I regretfully must move on. Here is my current info:

Application Form

InGame Name: Renada
Character Level (XP/XP): Level 39 20/1610
Current Residency: Vixen Station/ Looking for a new home
Previous Residency: see above
Accumulated Contributions: All the money that I did not HAVE to spend upgrading equipment-$7378. Also, 28 construction hours.
Cash/Bank Account: Undisclosed
Highest Attribute: Dexterity
1st Highest Skill: Vigor
2nd Highest Skill: Aim
3rd Highest Skill: Fine Motor Skills/Repairing
Intended Character Build: Worker/ Defender
Declared Intentions: I want to be part of a town where I can help be a part of its growth and development. Also, I would participate in roleplaying if available.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Decent level of shops- preferably one that has items close to or above my character level's use. A place to have fun!!

Send me a message in-game if you are interested
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Beyr Jones

Found a town. Thank you for all the offers.
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RustedRoad Looking for a New Home

I am respectfully searching for a new town of residence within World 3. I am not unhappy with my current town, except to say that levels are a bit low and it's harder to progress in various areas. I enjoy contributing, dueling now and then and the occasional quest.

Player Name – RustedRoad
Character Class – Soldier
Current Residency – New Romney
Previous Residency – None
Level 20
XP – 320/451
HP – 425
Dueling Level – 23
Cash - $124 (carrying more stuff than money)
Bank - $80 (max)

Highest Attribute - Dexterity – 6

1st Highest Skill – Toughness – 17
2nd Highest Skill – Tactics - 14
3rd Highest Skill – Shooting, Aim, Construction, Dodging, Repairing – all at 12

Intended Character Build: I intend to fashion my character as a decent dueler but also one who contributes readily to the growth of my home town. A team player in the strictest sense of the word.

Declared Intentions: I willingly contribute money and time in the construction of town facilities. I was the highest contributor in my town of residence. I also will pitch in with defense as needed. Admittedly, I need more experience dueling, but will do so as funds for better weapons and abilities allow.

Personal Requirements/Requests: My ideal prospective town would have higher levels of Gunsmith, Hotel, Store, Bank if possible.