Are you looking for a town?


InGame Name: Kyle Haury
Character Level (XP/XP): 11 (26/100)
Current Residency: None
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: None
Cash/Bank Account: Substantial
Highest Attribute: Charisma
1st Highest Skill:
2nd Highest Skill: Tactics
3rd Highest Skill: Appearance
Intended Character Build: Dueler/Fort Soldier
Declared Intentions:
To have fun
Personal Requirements/Requests: Competitive town.

Ken McCoy

InGame Name: Ken McCoy
Character Level (XP/XP): lvl 45
Current Residency: N/A
Previous Residency: The Town Of Legends
Highest Attribute: Charisma
1st Highest Skill: Aim
2nd Highest Skill: Shooting
3rd Highest Skill: Dodging
Intended Character Build: Dueler


looking for a town...just started here on 13...have been on 10..14 and very active

Dirty rotten Billy

(Project found for now all thanks though)
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William Cunning

William Cunning
lvl 12 (133/179)
New to game, looking for first residency
Strength attribute
Intended build: Soldier/dueler

Been playing for about 4 days, looking for a town I can help out defending and learn along the way.


My town has a reason to need duelers.
You wanna come over to NU Lake Mishagash?


Well-Known Member
InGame Name: JonOfTheWest
Character Level (XP/XP): 59 1575/3610
Current Residency: None
Previous Residency: Hell Rising
Accumulated Contributions: 10k
Cash/Bank Account: 30k
Highest Attribute: STR
1st Highest Skill: Construction
2nd Highest Skill: Leadership
3rd Highest Skill: Stamina
Intended Character Build: Pure Builder
Declared Intentions: To help build up a town and conquer forts.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Town must be active, have a decent amount of players and will do fort battles.

EDIT: Town Acquired thanks to those that were interested.
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InGame Name:Tomkingsk
Character Level (XP/XP):25lvl 468/686
Current Residency:Chipolte
Previous Residency:none
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account:5729
Highest Attribute:Mobility
1st Highest Skill:Shooting 45 (27+18)
2nd Highest Skill:Appearance 42 (23+19)
3rd Highest Skill:Aim 31 (27+4)
Intended Character Build: Duelant
Declared Intentions:To help dueling for town score.
Personal Requirements/Requests:Rank 100+
Dueling lvl:37
Duels won:53
Duels lost:4
Im from Slovakia :).
Thanks :) .
Now i have town.
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Looking to join a town!

Name: Riders16

I just joined and am looking to join a town.


InGame Name: cao-cao
Character Level (XP/XP): Level 4
Current Residency: None
Previous Residency: I was in Coronado before I quit... I think... I can't remember properly :(
Accumulated Contributions: I have no idea what you just said :D Nah, I know the game and I have been here for long...
Cash/Bank Account: I just started?
Highest Attribute: STRENGTH!
1st Highest Skill: I just put a skill on swimming!!! Such a waste :(
2nd Highest Skill: They are all 1??
3rd Highest Skill: Seriously!! Stop asking that, I am embarrassed!
Intended Character Build: Soldier
Declared Intentions: Go duel much :$
Personal Requirements/Requests: I need a war.... And a town that knows what they are doing.. Good shops wouldn't hurt either..
What I ask the most is a really good letter about the town, don't go on sending just invites.. I hate when people just give out invitations...
Thats all, Thanks :)


Fort Fighting Town

InGame Name: coolrajesh256
Character Level (XP/XP):29 (302/910)
Current Residency: None
Previous Residency: Regulators:(
Accumulated Contributions: Fort Fighter 80% online.:south:
Cash/Bank Account:45/35
Highest Attribute: Strength:boone:
1st Highest Skill: Health Points:sombrero:
2nd Highest Skill: Dodging:shootout:
3rd Highest Skill: Leadership:dastardly:
Intended Character Build: Complete Fort Fighter:D
Declared Intentions: Fort Fighting:cool:
Personal Requirements/Requests:
Need a Growing and a Fort Fighting town
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InGame Name:Darke7
Character Level (XP/XP):
Level 45 (560/2126) (May Vary)
Current Residency:
Mountain Pass
Previous Residency:Moddey Dhoo, The Shadow City, Taipei 101, Gunzorzski Inc, Point
Blanc, Kickassia, Unhinged, guilia1.
Highest Attribute Dexterity
1st Highest Skill:Shooting
2nd Highest Skill:Aim
3rd Highest Skill:Appearance
Intended Character Build pure Ranged Dueler (will fort fight occasionally)
Declared Intentions: Duel Duel Duel, fort fight , help out in diplomacy and leadership.
Personal Requirements/Requests:I want the town fully built, at least 1 fort.
Part of an alliance with over 10 towns. Some duel points.

Gip McCoy

Looking for a Town Soon

InGame Name: Gip McCoy
Character Level (XP/XP): 53 2435/2926
Current Residency: None
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: None
Cash/Bank Account: Little Cash
Highest Attribute: All Even
1st Highest Skill: Leadership
2nd Highest Skill: Tactics
3rd Highest Skill: Toughness
Intended Character Build: Adventurer
Declared Intentions: I want to participate in Fort battles and have the freedom to continue my adventures.
Personal Requirements/Requests: You have to be active in Fort Battles...That is an aspect of the game that I want to be involved in. Also, I don't have alot of cash...I've had a streak of but I can't contribute much to your town in terms of finances(sorry)
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Looking for a Town

InGame Name: Dunkers9
Character Level (XP/XP): 17 207/299
Current Residency: None
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: None
Cash/Bank Account: Little Cash
Highest Attribute: Mobility
1st Highest Skill: Dodging
2nd Highest Skill: Horseback Riding
3rd Highest Skill: Toughness
Intended Character Build: Adventurer
Declared Intentions: I would like to participate in fort battles, and town growth
Personal Requirements/Requests: Am willing to contribute to fort battles and town growth
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Builder lookin for town

InGame Name:Yadman
Character Level (XP/XP):Lvl7
Current Residency:Drifter atm
Previous Residency:none
Accumulated Contributions:na
Cash/Bank Account:200$
Highest Attribute:Strength 7
1st Highest Skill:Construction 27
2nd Highest Skill:Toughness 11
3rd Highest Skill:Stamina 9
Intended Character Build: Pure builder
Declared Intentions:Building
Personal Requirements/Requests:none, i just wanna build and i ain't goin premium kids

Edit: Have a town now!
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Escherichia coli

InGame Name: Escherichia coli
Character Level (XP/XP): 7
Cash/Bank Account: not much
Intended Character Build: I want this character to be an item collector, so pure hider is the option until I can do high luck and money jobs. After that well, we'll see what happens...
Declared Intentions: I won't hurt a fly.
Personal Requirements/Requests: A full (or almost) upgraded town with plenty of space for any kind of player.



[edit]: got a town
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InGame Name:Legin
Character Level (XP/XP):Lvl5
Current Residency: none
Previous Residency:none
Accumulated Contributions:na
Cash/Bank Account:200 maybe
Highest Attribute:Strength
1st Highest Skill:Construction
2nd Highest Skill:Toughness
3rd Highest Skill:Stamina
Intended Character Build: Shooting for builder. I want to learn to play and I figure helping out is the best way to find people willing to teach.
Declared Intentions:Building
Personal Requirements/Requests:Just a town with people on from time to time throughout the day.


InGame Name:Hefe4711
Character Level (XP/XP): Lvl4 (17/46)
Current Residency: Rhino Squad II
Previous Residency:None
Accumulated Contributions:None
Cash/Bank Account:About 200
Highest Attribute:Strength
1st Highest Skill:Construction
2nd Highest Skill:Toughness
3rd Highest Skill:Vigor
Intended Character Build: Builder, Pure Construction
Declared Intentions:Building
Personal Requirements/Requests: I am looking for a town that needs a builder, I have had a pure construction char before and plan on doing it again.

Corinthian II

InGame Name: Corinthian II.
Character Level (XP/XP): 19.
Current Residency: Zemun -RG-.
Previous Residency: N/A.
Accumulated Contributions: N/A - Not planning to remain in my current town long term (hence this post).
Cash/Bank Account: < $1k. Had a bit of a slow start, cash-wise.
Highest Attribute: N/A.
1st Highest Skill: N/A.
2nd Highest Skill: N/A.
3rd Highest Skill: N/A.
Intended Character Build: Ranged dueller/part-time fort fighter.
Declared Intentions: Duelling.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Looking for a large, active town. I will be levelling fast, and although my account is in a poor state currently, I am an active and experienced player and that will change soon. Ideally, the town I join would be able to assist me financially as I grow (I repay all debts), and would in turn expect me to support other new members, should they arrive.

If your town is recruiting, and you'd like to have me on your side, feel free to send a PM here/telegram in-game, and we can have a chat about it.


InGame Name: Silvwa
Character Level (XP/XP): 18 (100/371)
Current Residency: none
Previous Residency: none/ I don't remember
Accumulated Contributions: I played on The West a few years back before my computer crashed- I was a level 20 something Adventurer and I fought in some fort battles in World 11 but the game deleted my progress after I wasn't on for a year. So I started over in a different world with less players.
Cash/Bank Account: currently $414
Highest Attribute: Fine Motor Skills, Vigor, Health Points-11
1st Highest Skill: Aiming- 10
2nd Highest Skill: Apperance, Tactics, Reflex- 9
3rd Highest Skill: Trading-8
Intended Character Build: I'm a dueler
Declared Intentions: Basically I want to just have fun- I love dueling and I want to be able to have a place to sleep, shop, and of course a bank (I tend to hord my money in a bank, and donate what I'm not looking to buy something). And a place to donate my extra items I get during quests.
Personal Requirements/Requests: I would prefer a medium sized town that is growing and has plans to build a fort or who has one. Also a town with plenty of allies, but not too many. I want to be able to duel other players without having to travel a few hours away just to avoid dueling anyone from my town's alliance. I also enjoy fort battles and the town must have a mortician. Also, please have low bank fees. I do donate willingly and I shop and sell my stuff frequently. I don't duel workers and I am on almost everyday, a few times a day.
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