Are you looking for a town?


InGame Name: Snag
Character Level (XP/XP): Adventurer / 36
Current Residency: Under the stars
Previous Residency: under the stars
Accumulated Contributions: n/a
Cash/Bank Account: > 20000
Highest Attribute: all at 10
1st Highest Skill: Construction
2nd Highest Skill: Horseriding
3rd Highest Skill: Trapping
Intended Character Build: Adventurer
Declared Intentions: Justmoseying, looking for somewhere to lay my head
Personal Requirements/Requests: Nice town with some good shops

PM me in game please


InGame Name: CrookedShot
Character Level (XP/XP): 9 99/110
Current Residency:
Previous Residency:
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account:475
Highest Attribute:Strength 3
1st Highest Skill:Construction
2nd Highest Skill:Vigor
3rd Highest Skill:Toughness
Intended Character Build: Builder
Declared Intentions:Will foucs all future AP/SP on Str/Construction
Personal Requirements/Requests:

Thanks for your consideration


I Want to join a town.

:) howdy, I play these type of games all the time and just started the west. I am looking for a town to join, maybe a new one with only one member or something. we can jopin forces. interested, send me an invite.


Hey guys, I have a town now. Cheers for all the invites.
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Dirty Dadfish

Hello Arizona

New player here. I am at level 9 and I'm having a blast trying to learn this game. According to the guides, I should join a town that has some players around my level. I learn pretty quick, I like the game so I attempt to remain active(I do have a real life as well), and hope someone out here would be kind enough to take me into their town.

My qualifications..

I'm not afraid to kiss my horse(especially after a few rounds in the saloon)
I have a squinty eye(perfect for that weathered, chiseled look that drives the cowgirls wild)
I have watched almost every episode of Gunsmoke, think John Wayne is a God, and feel Little Joe turned into a wimp when he built that house on the prairie...

I am Dirty Dadfish and I approve this message.

UPDATE......After some consideration, I have joined Golden Nugget..
Thank you for your invites and well wishes.
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InGame Name: Daandy
Character Level 10
Current Residency: none
Previous Residency: none
Experience points
68 / 131
Health points
205 / 235
4 mph (100%)
Dueling level
Duels won
Duels lost


InGame Name:AuroraHarbinger
Character Level (XP/XP):lvl 7 now gonna reach 8 soon
Current Residency:none
Previous Residency:none
Accumulated Contributions:none
Cash/Bank Account:still making money XD
Highest Attribute:Charisma
1st Highest Skill:Appearance
2nd Highest Skill:Trading
3rd Highest Skill:Tactics
Intended Character Build:Adventurer
Declared Intentions:I can type properly and am well-mannered and am not a *ed up 9 year old :) and i would help to make money for the town(once i hit a lvl 10++ that is)
Personal Requirements/Requests:Just a good lil active town with soldiers and duelers for protection from duelers. And I would be mostly questing but i would do anything to help the town too ^^

hope i get an invitation soon, thanks
-its ok, i have a town now!
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We need soldiers and duelers. send pm to me if u are interested.
United Balkan City


Anyone who want to join please contact me. The Hobbit Hole is growing peacefull town and needs protectors.


Jigsaw Jack

Builder Looking for a Good Town

Hi... So yeah I'm pretty new to the game but would like an active town. Stats are below, If you need a builder let me know.

InGame Name: Jigsaw Jack
Character Level (XP/XP): lvl 17
Current Residency: Lukavac
Previous Residency: N/A
Accumulated Contributions: 2kish
Cash/Bank Account: 1kish
Highest Attribute: STR
1st Highest Skill: Construction
2nd Highest Skill: Toughness
3rd Highest Skill: Stam
Intended Character Build: Builder
Declared Intentions: Looking for a good starter town
Personal Requirements/Requests: Just an active town, with I dunno... maybe a Forum? And a town that is need of a builder as it's all I'll be doing!



Town The Golden Nugget
Status not looking

11 Experience points 64 / 154 Health points 256 / 260 Energy 84 / 100 Speed 4 mph (100%%) Dueling level 11 Duels won 0 Duels lost 0

Character class: Soldier


InGame Name:Jolynn
Character Level (20/21):
Current Residency:Gates of Hell(will leave)
Previous Residency:
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account:1190
Highest Attribute:Charisma
1st Highest Skill:Strength
2nd Highest Skill:Mobility
3rd Highest Skill:Desterity
Intended Character Build: Soldier
Declared Intentions:Wanting a active fighting friendly large town
Personal Requirements/Requests:I am great fighter, and i do my best to be active, i am online now send an ingame message please and thank you.



InGame Name: KillBeer
Character Level (XP/XP): 11 (12 in about an hour)
Current Residency: -
Previous Residency: -
Cash/Bank Account: 1242 (Cash)
Highest Attribute: Strength (11)
1st Highest Skill: Construction (43)
2nd Highest Skill: The rest of Strength (11)
Intended Character Build: Worker - Pure Builder
Declared Intentions: I'm playing an all-around Adventurer in another server (now level 61) and I want to try something different.
Personal Requirements/Requests: I'm going to need some guidance on how can I help by being a builder.

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I have a lvl 69 soldier on Briscoe, primarily to level up. I started a dueler in Arizona to get another experience of the game. I'm looking for an established town that has their town drama figured out. I'm only 22 but I level up quickly.

InGame Name: Wyndll
Character Level (XP/XP): 22
Current Residency: Wanderer
Previous Residency: Wanderer
Accumulated Contributions: 0
Cash/Bank Account: 5k
Highest Attribute: str
1st Highest Skill: vigor
2nd Highest Skill: health
3rd Highest Skill: aim
Intended Character Build: dueler
Declared Intentions:
Personal Requirements/Requests:


InGame Name: leonardoknd
Character Level : 10
Current Residency: -
Previous Residency: -
Highest Attribute: Strength
1st Highest Skill: Construction
2nd Highest Skill: -
3rd Highest Skill: -
Intended Character Build: Pure Builder


InGame Name: ronround1234
Character Level : 8
Current Residency: none
Previous Residency: none
Accumulated Contributions: none
Highest Attribute: dexterity
1st Highest Skill: health
2nd Highest Skill: aim
3rd Highest Skill: shooting
Intended Character Build: adventurer
Declared Intentions: build into a fort battle supporter and enjoy the game
Personal Requirements/Requests: a group with with 1 or mor fully built town and a few sister town for me to join. some allies

im not new to the game and i play in other worlds already so i will not stop playing because im only level 8 . if you would have me please send a telegram thanks


InGame Name:rohlo
Character Level (XP/XP):22
Current Residency:none
Previous Residency:none
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account:2k
Highest Attribute:8 - Str
1st Highest Skill:17 - Animal Instinct & Stamina
2nd Highest Skill:15 - Hiding & Health
3rd Highest Skill:14 - Fine Motor Skills
Intended Character Build: greenhorn
Declared Intentions:fort battle supporter
Personal Requirements/Requests:i'm new but really active (look at my profile). Wanna try everything - duells, fort battles, build
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