Are you Looking for a town


InGame Name: Zaiterz
Character Level (XP/XP): 8 (5/91)
Current Residency: Homeless/looking
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: N/A
Cash/Bank Account: 72
Highest Attribute: Dex
1st Highest Skill: Trapping
2nd Highest Skill: Swimming
3rd Highest Skill: Construction
Intended Character Build: I was thinking about trying Pure Trapper, But I am open to any suggestions.
Declared Intentions: Whatever the town leader asked of me. As long as it is in reason.
Personal Requirements/Requests: None


InGame Name: kendoh
Level (XP/XP): 4
Current Residency: Homeless & looking?
Previous Residency:N/A
Accumulated Contributions: N/A
Cash/Bank Account: Not alot I'm new!
Highest Attribute: Dex 3
1st Highest Skill: Setting Traps 13
2nd Highest Skill: Toughness. 6
3rd Highest Skill: Construction/Swimming 5/5
Intended Character Build: Trapper so far but I'm still not sure
Declared Intentions: I intend to offer to the town in the way of funds and/or labor to fuel it's expansion. I may have other things to offer such as roleplaying content, HTML skills, whatever.
Personal Requirements/Requests::dry:
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Sixgun Slim

Need a Town

InGame Name: Sixgun Slim (
Howdy, I am new in these here parts, but i have a hankering to hang out here awhile. need a town to rest my weary feet in....I'm gonna be a very active cowpoke, committed to getting my six shooter skills as good as can be. Need someone to extend a hand of friendship, I just want to find some good work and carve out a living in The West...Please send me a telegram or invitation.
Sixgun Slim:Dg

Character Level (XP/XP): 1/1 most of the way to 2
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Previous Residency: absolute noob
Accumulated Contributions: none
Cash/Bank Account: i have like 25 dollars
Highest Attribute: Your best attribute.
1st Highest Skill: just started
2nd Highest Skill: just started
3rd Highest Skill: Guess?
Intended Character Build: open...want to learn the best way to develop
Declared Intentions: I am very helpful and will be active....whatever is needed
Personal Requirements/Requests: Cold Beer


Well-Known Member
Laural lookin' fer a hometown

Howdy pardners! Laural here, lookin' fer a town to hang m' hat. And maybe one with a hotel. Gets mighty hard on the bones, sleepin' on the range all the time. Don't mind it most times but a bed and bath makes a gal feel good now and then just the same. ;)

I'm pretty strong and will work hard for a town that I can call home.

Application Form

InGame Name: Laural
Character Level (XP/XP): I’m level 4, 6/35)

Current Residency: Flagstone

Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: N/A
Cash/Bank Account: $86

Highest Attribute: all are currently even at 1

1st Highest Skill: strength at 6
2nd Highest Skill: swimming at 5
3rd Highest Skill: everything else is at a 2 except vigor, stamina, reflex, doging and hiding which are 1.

Intended Character Build: Probably an adventurer/cowgirl, animal handler, horsewoman

Declared Intentions:. Love to role play with others that bring descriptive play to the game.

Personal Requirements/Requests: None at the moment.
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InGame Name: leroyhate
Character Level (XP/XP): level 6 29/59 exp
Current Residency: Unfortunatley homeless :(
Previous Residency: This is my first character and I've only been playing for a few days. No previous residency :(
Accumulated Contributions: Haven't been fortunate to contribute to any town yet!
Cash/Bank Account: $79, teach me how to make the riches!
Highest Attribute: Mobility.
1st Highest Skill: Atm swimming, but that's cause of gear and mobility being so high.
2nd Highest Skill: Toughness.
3rd Highest Skill: Construction.
Intended Character Build: I want to be a dueling orientated character.
Declared Intentions: I want to join a town that has members who would be willing to teach me the ropes of this game, it seems really fun and I'm not going to stop playing anytime soon :)
Personal Requirements/Requests: Not really any requirements, just some cool people who could teach me a thing or two about making it ingame.



InGame Name: EdenVII
Character Level (XP/XP): 31
Current Residency: Homeless & wandering the wastelands
Previous Residency: Former leader at a significant empire on world 8
Accumulated Contributions: $9000+ & 8500(approx) town points built
Cash/Bank Account: $300 near enough
Highest Attribute: Strength 25
1st Highest Skill:
Construction 113:D
2nd Highest Skill: Vigor 34
3rd Highest Skill: Health Points 29
Intended Character Build: Builder/Worker
Declared Intentions: Town Construction
Personal Requirements/Requests: I will not just accept my first offer, I will weigh up my options on the table once I start getting feedback.



Application Form

InGame Name: Quackingstick
Character Level (XP/XP): 9/131 level 10
Current Residency: Happily living in Dodger City OPEN.
Previous Residency: None. I am new to the game
Accumulated Contributions: None. I am once more new to the game.
Cash/Bank Account: 433$
Highest Attribute: Strength: 3
1st Highest Skill: Toughness: 12
2nd Highest Skill: Repairing: 9
3rd Highest Skill: Leadership: 9
Intended Character Build: Construction and repairing with partial dueling skills.
Declared Intentions: I will help in repairing and leveling up buildings. Plus, in a while, once I have more builder related points, I will begin to mix up dueling related points as well, so that I may help in things such as protecting forts.
Personal Requirements/Requests: A fun group yet one that will also be committed to giving their best to the town.
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Joshua Kane

Character Level (XP/XP): 24
Current Residency: The Lords of Chaos (for about 2 weeks now)
Previous Residency: none
Accumulated Contributions: 700+
Cash/Bank Account: $100
Highest Attribute: Dex
1st Highest Skill: aim
2nd Highest Skill: shooting,reflex
3rd Highest Skill: appearance
Intended Character Build: Bandit :bandit:
Declared Intentions: I am a troublemaker, if you don't like trouble you won't like me.
Personal Requirements/Requests: I'm looking for a fighting town or a group of outlaws to join



InGame Name: Cboi
Character Level (XP/XP): lvl 8
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Previous Residency: new to game
Accumulated Contributions: nothing so far
Cash/Bank Account: 200
Highest Attribute: strength
1st Highest Skill: stamina/health
2nd Highest Skill: aim/shooting/reflex
3rd Highest Skill: appearance
Intended Character Build: possibly dueling?
Declared Intentions: New to game would like to see more of it.
Personal Requirements/Requests:

George Christoz

Application Form

InGame Name:
Character Level (XP/XP): level 32 adventurer, at middle for 33
Current Residency: Homeless and looking for a new home
Previous Residency: New Ireland. i was a town councelor.
Accumulated Contributions: been a town councelor and contributed a great amount of money
Cash/Bank Account: i currently have 556$ and willing to pay.
Highest Attribute: Dexterity
1st Highest Skill: Trading
2nd Highest Skill: Fine motor skills
3rd Highest Skill: Construction
Intended Character Build: i would to obtain most fine motor skills, repairing, horseback riding. they help a lot in the quests of an adventurer
Declared Intentions: i intend to help the town grow as much as it takes. Mostly with money, but if i can help with building i don't have a problem. my character too.
Personal Requirements/Requests: nothing, have no problem with anything


hello everybody from shiny Georgia

InGame Name: volgapower
Character Level (XP/XP): 1lvl
Current Residency: Homeless
Previous Residency: Tbilisi on world 4
Accumulated Contributions: i am an experienced builder in other worlds
know how to grow fast :)
Cash/Bank Account: not going to pay taxes
i am a builder and you pay me ;)

Highest Attribute: strength.
1st Highest Skill: construction
2nd Highest Skill: ...
3rd Highest Skill: ...
Intended Character Build: construction as mentioned above
Declared Intentions: highly motivated builder to construct best ever city in the 8 world )))
Personal Requirements/Requests: dueling is good it earns city money
but attacked builders must be defended!!! thats what i ask


InGame Name: Awzop
Character Level (XP/XP): 5 (16/46)
Current Residency: Homeless/looking
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: N/A
Cash/Bank Account: 92
Highest Attribute: Strength
1st Highest Skill: Toughness
2nd Highest Skill: The rest of the strengh attributes
3rd Highest Skill: The rest of the strength attributes
Intended Character Build: Trying a toughness build with some other duel skills aswell later on.
Declared Intentions: Try my best to help the town.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Active town.


Clyde Jameson

InGame Name: Clyde Jameson
Character Level (XP/XP): Currently Level 2, and need 4 XP for Lvl 3.
Current Residency: Wanderer, vagabond, call me what you will. Have sent telegrams to two towns, but haven't heard back. Still roaming.
Previous Residency: Nowhere.
Accumulated Contributions: Nothin'. (See above.).
Cash/Bank Account: $28 as of right now.
Highest Attribute: Strength, at 2.
1st Highest Skill: Construction, at 5.
2nd Highest Skill: Vigor, at 3.
3rd Highest Skill: Stamina and Toughness both at 2.
Intended Character Build: Will build according to town's needs, for now. Haven't decided exactly how I want to build the character yet, but leaning toward Leadership -- especially something involving Marshalling, or maybe the military. Definitely interested in Politics. ; )
Declared Intentions: I'm a very good creative writer, with years of various RP experience, from Middle Earth and D&D, to Star Trek, AOL/Rhydin and others. I intend for the character to become a well-respected member of the town he joins. He'll be an asset to the community -- striving to be a leader in whatever way possible -- always leading by example.
Personal Requirements/Requests: I don't want to be nagged by gunslingers constantly, and I'm looking for a town that has all the necessary ammenities. I shouldn't have to go to another town to find the items/services I need. Oh, and I don't pay taxes, either.

Clay Moore

Drifter Looking to Settle Down.......

InGame Name: Clay Moore
Character Level (XP/XP): 5/110 Lvl 9 (and working on it)
Current Residency: Drifter doing odd jobs here and there.
Accumulated Contributions: none
Cash/Bank Account: only $250 (but growing every day)
Highest Attribute: Strength
1st Highest Skill: Toughness
2nd Highest Skill: Animal Instinct
3rd Highest Skill: Stamina
Intended Character Build: Worker or Soldier (Undecided at this time)
Declared Intentions: Definately depends on my character type.
Personal Requirements/Requests:none


Looking for a Town

Me and my Friend are fairly new to the game, though we are moving along pretty fast

looking for a town to help teach us more about the game, in return we will help your town as much as we can

InGame Name:
e5anderm (me) thedoc318 (my friend)
Character Level (XP/XP): level 9 and level 8 respectively
Current Residency: none, we are both homeless
Previous Residency: -
Accumulated Contributions: -
Cash/Bank Account: we aren't rich, but we will help with what we can
Highest Attributes: strenghth/charisma for both of us
Highest Skills:
construction/fms/repairing for me, aim/stamina/fms/shooting for my friend
Intended Character Build: not really sure yet
Declared Intentions: to do what we can (were both really active) to help a town as much as we can, we are also looking to learn more about the game from people who know a lot more about it than we do
Personal Requirements/Requests: just want an ACTIVE town, one thats helpful, in return we will help your town grow

not that hard, were low levels and nubs, but give us some advice, and point us in the right direction and in return we will do whatever we can to help your town grow

if interested, send me a in game telegram


Alter Bridge

Edit: I have now found a town: Silver Falls

Application Form

InGame Name: Alter Bridge
Character Level (XP/XP): Just turned Level 13
Current Residency: Temple Of The Bear - Looking for new town which is organised.
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: 2 hours + $240 (None of the residents added funds for building)
Cash/Bank Account: About $300
Highest Attribute: Strength (13)
1st Highest Skill: Construction (44)
2nd Highest Skill: Vigor
3rd Highest Skill: Toughness
Intended Character Build: Worker -> Construction
Declared Intentions: To keep adding to construction in order to aid growth by building.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Relatively close to the job 'Setting up telegraph poles'. A town that is organised with clear roles/intentions of its residents.

Message me in-game please. :)

Edit: I have now found a town: Silver Falls
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InGame Name: puckster
Character Level (XP/XP): (11/19) lvl 2
Current Residency: homeless :(
Previous Residency: none
Accumulated Contributions: N/A
Cash/Bank Account: $20
Highest Attribute: strength 2
1st Highest Skill: hiding lvl 3
2nd Highest Skill: health lvl 3
3rd Highest Skill: toughness
Intended Character Build: pure hider, not 100% tho
Declared Intentions: donate, duel, help anyway needed
Personal Requirements/Requests: N/A

Loftus Road

InGame Name: Loftus Road
Character Level (XP/XP): (10 / 131) lvl 10
Current Residency: No fixed abode
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: N/A
Cash/Bank Account: $267
Highest Attribute: strength 5
1st Highest Skill: Repairing 11
2nd Highest Skill: Toughness 10
3rd Highest Skill: Construction/ leadership both 9
Intended Character Build: undecided between worker/ soldier
Declared Intentions: Help grow town also to be able to buy items to improve skills to aid self/ town.
Personal Requirements/Requests: N/A
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InGame Name: Dumdeath
Character Level (XP/XP): Lv 39 (822/1610)
Current Residency: Fort Elite (Not Looking)
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: Cash and construction of town
Cash/Bank Account: $800~
Highest Attribute: Strength
1st Highest Skill: Construction
Character Build: Pure Builder
Declared Intentions: Assist in funds and constuctions.
Personal Requirements/Requests: A town that can defend its workers.
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