Are you looking for a town? Post here!


Hello, i am Wes Oplo, a new character starting to play "The West." I am looking for a town or a guild to join. I am currently undecided as to being either a Adventurer or a Worker, and am perfectly happy to duel. I am generaly an easy going player and i will normaly have the "The West" window open whenever i am useing the computer. I dont mind working for free to aid guild members, citys or forts. I hope at some point to create a "Newbie" settlement that is in close proximity to several jobs. I am also currently looking for advice on what skills and attributes to concentrate on. Thanks in Advance


((by the way, i apologise if this thread is in the wrong area accidentaly, i thought that this thread was for questions aswell as guides, but being a noob, im still not sure how this forum works.))
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I Will Join A Town

If anyone needs a town member I am a very good dueler and would be happy to do anything to help the town.
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Just started playing a few hours ago. On Level 2 and looking for a good town to take me in. Username: WelshDevilRob

Am now a proud member of Hoof Hearted. Great town and folks there.
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Javid Tooms seeks town and alliance

nGame Name: Javid Tooms
Character Level (XP/XP): 6 (32/59 and counting)
Current Residency: World 1.
Previous Residency: World 1, willing to relocate.
Accumulated Contributions: not yet, but will contribute to town treasury regularly.
Cash/Bank Account: at level 6?
Highest Attribute: Strength, but Charisma may exceed this soon.
1st Highest Skill: shooting.
2nd Highest Skill: Toughness.
3rd Highest Skill: stamina
Intended Character Build: Pure Soldier
Declared Intentions: battle, and protect workers, also have HTML skill if that helps.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Tooms would like to be involved in fort battles, but patience, resolve, and being virtual are the focus now.


Looking for a town with Large membership

I am looking for a complete town with a large membership. Our town disbanded and I would like a new place to call home. In game name is bradypunch. Thanks for your time


Here's my application, if you don't like it don't worry, you can stop looking at it.

InGame Name:
Loyalty Xlll <<three lowercase 'L' not capital 'i'
Character Level (XP/XP): 44; 1315/2035
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Previous Residency: Brazil
Accumulated Contributions: Labor time and money
Cash/Bank Account: Not alot of cash, but working on making more.
Highest Attribute: Dexterity
1st Highest Skill: Aiming
2nd Highest Skill: Dodging
3rd Highest Skill: Tactics
Intended Character Build: It's my first character, been playing the game for a good while, but still don't have a dead-set build in mind.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Just looking for somewhere to keep my stuff, while I'm out exploring/working/etc.

A note on the highest attribute/skill portion, it really depends on the gear I wear, those listed are with no bonuses. Thank you all in advance for the time and consideration.
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looking for a town

lvl 120 ; doing mainly quests ; looking for a town to join


Sent you an invite will be playing cards against kingjames to either let him have you or he lets me have you ;)


lvl 120 looking for a new town ; my main goal is quests ; no that much into fort battles.


I'm looking for a town. New to "The West", looking to be reasonably active.

Concentrating on being a pure adventure/hiding character at this stage.

Anyone Recruiting?

Good Feather

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my character is looking to join any town on w1 so I can buy/sell say 50-70 items to any townie who also has an alliance and then leave your town high and dry muhaha...

Its all for the Achievement & quest requirements.