Are you looking for a town? Post here!


If you're looking for a town to make your home, then post your application here for all prospective town founders to peruse and approve you based on their own personal criteria.

Once you've filled out a nice and to the point application, you're about 1000% more likely to actually receive an invite now that you've put more effort into finding a home than "I need a town". Don't forget to periodically update your post's application as you progress through levels. Also, if you find a town to call home, edit your post's Current Residency category.

Application Form

InGame Name: What's yo name foo'?!
Character Level (XP/XP): What level you are and how close you are to your next.
Current Residency: Homeless & looking? Or maybe you've found your new home & are seeking a change of pace/scenery/neighbors. Simply state "Town name/Homeless - Looking/Not Looking".
Previous Residency: What towns have you lived in before? Think of this as a job reference on a resume.
Accumulated Contributions: What have you contributed to your previous towns? Labor time? Money?
Cash/Bank Account: How much cash do you have? Towns require a lot of cash to build and as a residing member, you may be expected to "pay taxes".
Highest Attribute: Your best attribute.
1st Highest Skill: Your highest rated skill.
2nd Highest Skill: Your 2nd highest rated skill.
3rd Highest Skill: Guess?
Intended Character Build: Describe what particular areas of expertise you desire for your character, such as: Dueling, construction, particular Jobs you want to master, etc.
Declared Intentions: State plainly what it is you truely intend to offer to the town in the way of funds and/or labor to fuel it's expansion. You may have other things to offer such as roleplaying content, HTML skills, whatever, list them if they're relevant.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Maybe you require your hometown to have a particular job right next to it. Maybe you don't want to live where there's a Mortician (Makes dueling possible). Etc.
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Hi, I'm Peepinaboxyo, you may know me from Tribalwars W9. I'm currently almost level 14 and looking for a town. Here are my stats.

In game Name: Peepinaboxyo
Character Level: 14 69/235
Cash/Bank Account: 170$
Highest Attribute: Strength/Dexterity (Level 4)
1st Highest Skill: Toughness (level 13)
2nd Highest Skill: Construction (level 13)
3rd Highest Skill: Vigor/Repairing/Shooting (level 10)
Intended Character Build: I'm trying to go mostly Strength and Dexterity with a little bit of Mobility and not much Charisma (for now)
Declared Intentions: I intend to offer much construction value to my town . I try to do lots of jobs. I intend to raise the awareness that my town by mass dueling. I am very into role playing too. I am a dueler. Bandit is my class.

Thank you for your time.

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Hiyo "The Gambler" Rogo, here, looking for a place to lay my head and clean my boots in between rides.

InGame Name: HiyoRogo
Character Level (XP/XP): LV10; 55/131
Cash/Bank Account: 399$
Highest Attribute: Strength/Charisma; 3
1st Highest Skill: Construction; 11
2nd Highest Skill: Fine Motor Skills, Trading, Appearance; 6
3rd Highest Skill: A bunch of stuff; 4
Intended Character Build: The initial intention is to get well rounded, then flesh out based on how the game develops.
Declared Intentions: I intend to offer enough funding so as to benefit the town as much as myself, and to that end would not want to construct "needless" things. Of course, I intend to assist in the construction of said town and get things running smoothly.

On a separate note, if the town is in a RP mood...I would love to get some Western Role-Play going.

Taken, I'll be fine where I am for the time being.
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Greetings from holland

InGame Name: LordDee29
Character Level (XP/XP): 7, 4/74
Cash/Bank Account: 163 ATM
Highest Attribute: Strength
1st Highest Skill: Toughness, 13
2nd Highest Skill: Vigor, 7
3rd Highest Skill: Construction, 6
Intended Character Build: not very sure yet, but will shape it for the needs of the town
Declared Intentions: I intend to offer funding as much as needed, Help build the town and offcourse other jobs that need to be done


I'm level 11 and looking for a town... any town... but I sorta had an idea I might try to find or build an all-indian town. But like I said, I'm keeping my options open and will dedicate myself and be loyal to whichever town I join.

InGame Name: Sokotra
Character Level (XP/XP): 11 9/154
Cash/Bank Account: 423+
Highest Attribute: Mobility
1st Highest Skill: Hiding, 10
2nd Highest Skill: Horseback Riding, 8
3rd Highest Skill: Fine Motor Skills/Setting Traps, both 7
Intended Character Build: Pretty well rounded character, with nothing too high or too low... but I'm sort of going for a hunter, dueler, etc... will adjust to help whichever town I choose to be dedicated to.
Declared Intentions: Stick with one town and help make it strong.


InGame Name: weaponsx
Character Level (XP/XP): lvl 7 64/74
Cash/Bank Account: $222
Highest Attribute: Str
1st Highest Skill: 15 toughness
2nd Highest Skill: 9 construction
3rd Highest Skill: 9 stamina
Intended Character Build: Im looking to be a builder first then duels second.
Declared Intentions: I plan to assist in the building of the town with getting construction high, offering cash to the town and dueling any enemies of the town.


InGame Name: Deja Vu
Character Level (XP/XP): Lvl 8 40 more to lvl 9
Cash/Bank Account: 200$
Highest Attribute: Strength
1st Highest Skill: Toughness
2nd Highest Skill: Construction
3rd Highest Skill: Stamina
Intended Character Build: Dueling and Construction
Declared Intentions: I will offer the town effort, time, money and well myself


InGame Name: Me76
Character Level (XP/XP): Lvl 11 [52 / 154]
Cash/Bank Account: 550$
Highest Attribute: Strength
1st Highest Skill: Construction
2nd Highest Skill: Toughness
3rd Highest Skill: Vigor
Intended Character Build:Construction all the way :D
Declared Intentions: Build the town up and have fun :D

PS: Msg me ingame if you whant to invite me.


Looking for a Twon

InGame Name: Azuk
Character Level (XP/XP): LVL 15 - 256/266
Cash/Bank Account: $1154 looking to donate the $750 dollars saved from buying a donkey when a member into the town
Highest Attribute: Dexterity - 5
1st Highest Skill: 16 appearance
2nd Highest Skill: 15 shooting
3rd Highest Skill: 9 leadership
Intended Character Build: I'm very much looking to get into the dueling aspect of the game as thats where the fun will be for me :) , i will also being looking for doing jobs such as Merc work / robbing trains :)
Declared Intentions: I'm quite happy to pump most of the $ i make into a town as the stronger it grows the stronger i and everyone in it will be, ask not what you can do for yourself but what you can do to help others help you as well :)

Also those Highest skill stats are base ones without any bonus
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InGame Name:tommykan1
Character Level (XP/XP): lvl 4 32/35
Cash/Bank Account: $90
Highest Attribute: STR
1st Highest Skill:
2nd Highest Skill: horsback riding(5)
3rd Highest Skill: dodging(4)
i want a town let me save the money in


InGame Name: The Lich King
Character Level (XP/XP): 7 (40/74)
Cash/Bank Account: 147
Highest Attribute: Balanced :cool:
1st Highest Skill: Toughness - 12 (3+9) otherwise Construction/Vigor/Stamina/Hp - 4
2nd Highest Skill: Dodging - 6 (3+3) otherwise Construction/Vigor/Stamina/Hp - 4
3rd Highest Skill: Swiming - 5 (2+3) otherwise Construction/Vigor/Stamina/Hp - 4
Intended Character Build: Balanced :cool:
Declared Intentions: :confused:

Sept. 27 - 2008 - 02:55 PM (GMT +3)


InGame Name: Eveline
Character Level (XP/XP): Lvl 7 [55 / 74]
Cash/Bank Account: 199$
Highest Attribute: Strength
1st Highest Skill: Toughness
2nd Highest Skill: Repairing,Leadership
3rd Highest Skill: Dodging
Intended Character Build:to be the best
Declared Intentions: to be good , hard working citizen

I want to join in a town
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InGame Name: pk4yahweh
Character Level (XP/XP): Level 9 (7/110)
Cash/Bank Account: 156
Highest Attribute: Mobility
1st Highest Skill: Toughness
2nd Highest Skill: Horseback riding
3rd Highest Skill: Dodging
Intended Character Build: Im going for a different type of character. Cowboy type - horse expert - many cowboy jobs - high mobility and charisma (Maybe Head Hunter?)
Declared Intentions: The town I join will gain a very active participant who will put the needs of the town above his own. Dueling and financial will be my main impact.


InGame Name: The-Man
Character Level (XP/XP): lvl 7 24/74
Cash/Bank Account: 133$
Highest Attribute: Str
1st Highest Skill: 10 toughness
2nd Highest Skill: 6 construction 6 vigor 6 health points
3rd Highest Skill: 5 stamina
Intended Character Build: i am looking for aim and construcyion and dex and strenth no charims and mobilty for now till i get lvl 10
Declared Intentions: i intent to join a town that is gd and to help it i am very active and i lvl up every fay maybe 2 lvl a day ive been playing for 2 days and i am lvl 7 close to 8 and 2 days till 9 maybe 10


InGame Name: milly146
Character Level (XP/XP): 5 (30/46)
Cash/Bank Account: $102
Highest Attribute: Mobility
1st Highest Skill: Toughness (6)
2nd Highest Skill: Leadership/repairing (5)
3rd Highest Skill: Vigor/reflex (4)
Intended Character Build: Dueling & construction
Declared Intentions: To build up the town to a level here we compete with neighbouring town. To build up my duelling ability to defend the town when shootout unlocked and to be able to compete with members of other towns. Experience of playing similar games (Tribal wars). Once i join a group, i stick with it and give it my all to improve the position of the tribe.
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Level6Experience points38 / 59Health points210 / 210Energy4 / 100Speed100%Dueling level6Duels won0Duels lost0
Howdy names Grizzly, Grizzly Badger, im looking for somewhere to lay my hat, is there anyone in need of a honest strong hardworking man like myself? send me a telegram if you do.
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InGame Name: R0B
Character Level (XP/XP): 8 46/91
Cash/Bank Account: 214
Highest Attribute: mobility
1st Highest Skill: toughness
2nd Highest Skill: swimming
3rd Highest Skill: tactics
Intended Character Build:hard to hit dueler
Declared Intentions: i am willing to do what ever is needed to help the town but i will be cocentrating on dueling skills and high pay jobs for town funds


After leaving her good-fer-nuthin' mate, Onyx is looking for a new beginning. She is too matronly to entertain in the fine establishments of Reverse Cowgirl, but is not afraid of hard work and is currently following the harvest south. Tiring of her nomadic lifestyle she would like to find a town to call home.

lvl 8 (51 of 91) with 3 strength and 8 construction she has worked the building trades prior to moving west. With vigor of 7 and stamina of 6 she is fit and would be a great asset to your town. Picking crops provides small wages and her bankroll is a meager $182 which she would be willing to share to insure a roof over head on those rainy nights with fall already here and winter a comin'. Her skills are not enhanced by any fancy clothing or tools and were achieved by determination and hard work.

With the help of a good optician she might just be able to hit what she aims at but she is always ready for anything.


Application Form - looking for an Indian Town

InGame Name: Rainbow Child
Character Level (XP/XP): Level 8 (80/91)
Cash/Bank Account: 207
Highest Attribute: Strength 3, Charisma 3
1st Highest Skill: Toughness 12
2nd Highest Skill: Vigor 6, Tactics 6
3rd Highest Skill: Fine Motor Skills 5, Stamina 5
Intended Character Build: I would like to master dexterity and do what it takes to make a town successful
Declared Intentions: I am an active player and wish to help in everyway I can with funding, building and am a hardworker


InGame Name: Arsanic

Character Level (XP/XP): Level 5 7/46

Cash/Bank Account: $149

Highest Attribute: Strength and Charisma (2)

1st Highest Skill: Vigor and Appearance (8)

2nd Highest Skill:
Depends on the boots, I have Repair and Leadership for 6, or 6 Construction and 8 Swimming.

3rd Highest Skill: All Strength skills except Vigor without boots. (2)

Intended Character Build: I want to get to grave digging soon (Vigor or Construction), but will side track for my town if needed (Construction).

Declared Intentions: I want to get what skills I need for a nice job to donate to the town, or I can help with construction.