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Are you looking for a town? Post here!


InGame Name: Dark-Phoenix
Character Level (XP/XP): 9 (6/110)
Current Residency: Homeless - Looking
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: None =p
Cash/Bank Account: 212
Highest Attribute: Mobility
1st Highest Skill: Repairing
2nd Highest Skill: Stamina
3rd Highest Skill: Fine motor skills
Intended Character Build: construction, adventure
Declared Intentions: have fun, grow nicely a town.
Personal Requirements/Requests: The town shall have a rp name or closer (nothing like red_banana_13 for instance).

So far, I'm growing my skills without knowing where to go but I'll get more accurate as soon as I reach lvl 10. Also, I'm interested in being either an adventurer or a laborer (my preference will go to the former).



Darren Shallis

InGame Name: Darren Shallis
Character Level (XP/XP): 10 81
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Cash/Bank Account: 379
Highest Attribute: Strength/Charisma
1st Highest Skill: Toughness
2nd Highest Skill: Stamina
3rd Highest Skill: Vigor
Intended Character Build: Construction/Trader
Declared Intentions: Looking to help build a new town and make it success.

Dave Vasquez

Just left my old town.

InGame Name: Dave Vasquez
Character Level (XP/XP): Lvl18 (339 / 371)
Current Residency: Homeless at the moment, Old town lacked active players.
Previous Residency: Marbletown
Accumulated Contributions: 12 hours $1039 (over double than anyone else in the town.)
Cash/Bank Account: $62 (Bankrupted myself trying to revive last town)
Highest Attribute: Charisma
1st Highest Skill: Vigor
2nd Highest Skill: Construction/ Horse Riding/ Hiding
3rd Highest Skill: Health/ Animal Instinct/ Trading
Intended Character Build: I'm very going going for a builder/ while keeping other skills at an even keel for money making jobs.
Declared Intentions: Money and Labor.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Members that donate money for the improvement of the town.


Looking for a town

i'm a builder class person i produce 71 labor points for construction so uh yeah if you need someone to build i'll build 24/7 except for when i'm sleeping of course


InGame Name: Larssen
Character Level (XP/XP): Level 21, 114/429 XP
Current Residency: Looking to leave my own town with only 2 members to join a more active town.
Previous Residency: My own
Accumulated Contributions: Contributed $3000 to the treasury and done all the construction myself.
Cash/Bank Account: About $500
Highest Attribute: Strength (9)
1st Highest Skill: Construction (23)
2nd Highest Skill: Vigor (15)
3rd Highest Skill: Repairing (11)
Intended Character Build: Worker
Declared Intentions: Plan to help with construction in a town and put all available cash to the treasury.
Personal Requirements/Requests:

Edit: Should also mention that I got 2 attribute points and 6 skill points unspent right now.

It'd be a pleasure to have you! Just send me a telegraph in-game but I'll send you one just in case.


Application Form

InGame Name: Sirjohn
Character Level (XP/XP): Level 7 atm
Current Residency: Homeless & looking for a new home.
Previous Residency: None.
Accumulated Contributions: N/A
Cash/Bank Account: $203 atm
Highest Attribute: STR and DEX
1st Highest Skill: Toughness 10 (5 + 5 mod)
2nd Highest Skill: Health 6 (5 + 1 mod)
3rd Highest Skill: Shooting, aim and trade at 4
Intended Character Build: Could use some help in this area.
Declared Intentions: Be part of a great town
Personal Requirements/Requests: Would like a town with a hotel.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'm still new but a fast learner. Hope to hear from you soon... :)

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InGame Name: firestarter212
Character Level (XP/XP): Level 13 25/206 to 14
Current Residency: Looking
Cash/Bank Account: $460, also a lot of inventory items
Highest Attribute: MOB
1st Highest Skill: Trading, Reflex, Vigor. All skills somewhat balanced
Intended Character Build: Worker/Construction
Declared Intentions: I plan to contribute a good sum of money and construction to the town. Im an evenly balanced player, whatever the town needs to grow i will contribute.
Personal Requirements/Requests: A hotel and general store would be sweet.

P.S 2 attribute points and 8 skill points unused


InGame Name: ThePhotoKid
Character Level (XP/XP): 12
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Previous Residency: None
Cash/Bank Account: Enough to help
Highest Attribute: Your best attribute.
1st Highest Skill: Toughness.
2nd Highest Skill: Repairing
3rd Highest Skill: Fine Motor Skills
Intended Character Build: Adventurer/Money Maker
Declared Intentions: Money and time


Application Form

InGame Name: farrjac
Character Level (XP/XP): 15
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Previous Residency: none
Accumulated Contributions: n/a
Cash/Bank Account: $400
Highest Attribute: mobility
1st Highest Skill: trading
2nd Highest Skill: hiding
3rd Highest Skill: animal instinct / toughness
Intended Character Build: adventure / moneymaker / builder
Declared Intentions: be part of a town and make it a success


InGame Name: Yangsta
Character Level (XP/XP): 19
Current Residency: Homeless
Previous Residency: Homeless
Cash/Bank Account: $200, (cause i keep dying from catching horses)
Highest Attribute: Mobility
1st Highest Skill: Horsebackriding
2nd Highest Skill: Swimming
3rd Highest Skill: Reflex/Dodging
Intended Character Build: Adventurer/Exp. and Money maker
Declared Intentions: Active and Good Money.
Current Best Job: Catching Horses ($29%, Exp. 38%, Luck 0%, Danger 42%)


in world 2:cool::rolleyes::D:eek:

character level: 11
current residency: homless
cash: about $1027
highest attribute: strength
highest skill: toughness 20
2 highest skill: vigor 12
3 highest skill: doging 11
im a soilder person
declared intentions: looking for a strong town that grows fast i donate a LOT money


InGame Name: lozen
Character Level (XP/XP): level 20 any minute
Current Residency: Looking for an active and democratic town
Previous Residency: big whisky on w1 lincoln on w3
Accumulated Contributions: On my other towns I contribute what is needed.I dont mind donating money or building
Cash/Bank Account: 500+
Highest Attribute: mobility and charisma
1st Highest Skill: horse back riding
2nd Highest Skill: animal instincts
3rd Highest Skill: appearance
Intended Character Build: havent made up my mind looking towards soldier but could be whatever town needs.
Declared Intentions: Will help the town to prosper and grow
Personal Requirements/Requests:Do not want a rotation town would like a town with all active players that have a share in whats going on


InGame Name: Rider
Character Level (XP/XP): level 5. 1/46
Current Residency: Homeless
Previous Residency: None
Cash/Bank Account: $106
Highest Attribute: Dexterity-4
1st Highest Skill: Dodging-10
2nd Highest Skill: Aim-8
3rd Highest Skill: Shooting-4
Intended Character Build: Dueler or Soldier
Declared Intentions: I can be a town dueler
Personal Requirements/Requests: Just be active


This is a thread for players looking for towns.

From this point on only post using the applicaiton form previously posted.

Any TOWN and i do mean ANY town that advertises in this thread from this post onwards will be infracted regardless of history.



Application Form

InGame Name: Summer
Character Level (XP/XP): 21 233/494

Current Residency: Akailian
Previous Residency: none
Accumulated Contributions: 5676$ 40 hours
Cash/Bank Account: 297$
Highest Attribute: charisma 14
1st Highest Skill: trading
2nd Highest Skill: leadership
3rd Highest Skill: construction
Intended Character Build: I'm good at making money, decent at building things in town.
Declared Intentions: I'm looking for a more proactive town than the one I am in. I have donated way more money and time than anyone else in town and the mayor doesn't seem focused on growth.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Top 100 town would be nice. Thanks for reading this


InGame Name: Eagle2160
Character Level (XP/XP): Level 9
Current Residency: none
Cash/Bank Account: 240
Highest Attribute: strength charisma
1st Highest Skill: toughness and animal instinct
Intended Character Build: the one needed most
Declared Intentions: I will give everything I have to a good town
Personal Requirements/Requests: Anything


Application Form

InGame Name:
Character Level (XP/XP): 2
Current Residency: Homeless & looking - Hoping for OTG Village
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions: N/A
Cash/Bank Account: very little atm
Highest Attribute:
1st Highest Skill: Vigor
2nd Highest Skill: Shooting
3rd Highest Skill: Aim
Intended Character Build: Dueling Possibly
Declared Intentions: Still new to this game, will help out as I can
Personal Requirements/Requests: None


Application Form

InGame Name: Doktorphil
Character Level (XP/XP): 13, and a little over half-way to the next
Current Residency: Barton, but looking
Previous Residency: Barton, one that I started on my own, but I didn't have any members to help me build it up.
Accumulated Contributions: I created the initial town, but have realized it's rather futile to build a town without help
Cash/Bank Account: $363
Highest Attribute: Mobility
1st Highest Skill: Animal Instinct
2nd Highest Skill: Dodging/Hiding/Trading (All same level)
3rd Highest Skill: Toughness
Intended Character Build: Mostly just doing quests, semi towards making money and constructing.
Declared Intentions: I'm still semi-new, but I'm looking for a town where I can both contribute and have others help as well (I.E., not the only one who builds the town)
Personal Requirements/Requests: I'd prefer a town with as many jobs as possible close to it. I'd also like one has a general store, or is nearing full construction of one. One with at least a few other players than myself would be nice too.


InGame Name: Jayben
Character Level (XP/XP): 26, 388/739
Current Residency: none
Previous Residency: never joined a town yet
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account: $2977
Highest Attribute: strength
1st Highest Skill: Appearance
2nd Highest Skill:Horesback Riding
3rd Highest Skill: vigor
Intended Character Build: Soldier
Declared Intentions: Looing to join a town to begin some Dueling/Enforcing
Personal Requirements/Requests: I'd like to join an established town with at least level 3 tailor/gen store/gunsmith.


InGame Name: Jagawatz
Character Level (XP/XP): 7 66/74
Current Residency: Homeless & looking
Previous Residency: Bobsville W4 Bobsville W5
Accumulated Contributions: W4 >2k W5 Dueler > 500
Cash/Bank Account: 169
Highest Attribute: STR 7
1st Highest Skill: Construction 27
2nd Highest Skill: Toughness 12
3rd Highest Skill: Vigor 8
Intended Character Build: Pure Builder
Declared Intentions: Build and Build and Build
Personal Requirements/Requests: -NA-