April Fool's Tombola?


I'm in w11, and no tombola here.
No paladin quest.
And no wood magician set.

It's my first year, and I got April quest


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it would be better without the "spoil" earlier, I knew something is fishy here, since it's you :D
Well, there wasn't anything planned :p
But still, at least you realised that everything would be better w/o spoiling it earlier :up:
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If it was yesterday (April 1st), you sure it wasn't some sort of April's Fool's joke?
No, no. He is using right now on world 13 BR.

I was trying ramdom ID's on chat and found it. [item=686]

Anyway, isn't on TW-DB yet. :huh:


all I got was a messed up screen and message that said it was all a joke