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Appatz says goodbye


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Quite a bit of time after I firstly played the-west, I’m going to quit it forever, going to delete all my characters in all worlds 24h after this message is published.

Since I have met many people on the road, I wanted to leave a goodbye message here in the forum, telling a little bit about how I got here and my path in the net servers.

I started playing this game around 2010 in the .es servers after I saw an ad in an online game, played casual for a couple of months until I eventually got bored and quit. I came back a few years later (.es servers) and played with my cousin there, I had my first approach to more competitive dueling and fort battles there, I got especially fascinated with the dynamics of fort battles, so I started to lead a few battles until I became the main leader of my alliance, I remember it was a lot of fun, the battles were always full and there was a very good team spirit. My cousin left the game after a few months and so did I.

I used to remember how fun was to play the west, that “nostalgia feeling” was what drove me to want to start to play again in late 2018, I logged in again in the .es servers but all I found was dozens of ghost towns and most of my good old friends gone. The game was dead.

But I really wanted to experience that old western game again, so what could I do? I found out that a new world was recently opened in the .net server, and it had many more active players that the dead .es. I barely knew something about English language at that time, nevertheless: yes, I joined Idaho.

From this point on, I am going to divide this post accordingly to the .net worlds I played.

World Idaho

I was pretty much lost when I first arrived at Idaho, my English was very basic and I had to use translate in every conversation, so I didn't talk too much, I just knew that I want to do fort fighting and I joined a town called " TaekwonDo Pandas", it was run by Mdm Azella Danai and CBenney.

I eventually got to a high level and made favorable deals that allowed me to get nice fort fighting gear, I got full Murrieta set with a ^2 rifle. I was set as an elite full leadership dueler.

I felt like my current town was too small regarding fort fighting business, so I decided to join to a bigger town: I joined WARHAMMER. I made many of my west friends there, we were a good fort fighting team; I specially learned a lot from Christian Sharps, he was really really good regarding battle movement.

At some point, the town hats had some issues, I remember reading the dispute between Luka882 and TJ Tuttle in town chat, TJ left WARHAMMER and founded Done Flirtin, many players like Bomba Voyage left with him.

I was a little bit confused at that time, I didn't know if I should leave for DF or stay in WH, I took my decision to go to DF when my friend Sharps decided to do so. But before I joined I thought a little bit; I knew that I was one of the best fighters in the server at that time so I decided to make a little move: I asked TJ for a hat in order to join and it worked out, now I was General in fort battles and could move before anyone else due to my high leadership skill, I also helped doing the ranks.

So, there we were, the 4 hats of Done Flirtin: TJ, Bomba, slapsticjoe and me, at some point Bomba (who used to lead most battles) became considerably inactive so we needed a new leader. TJ remembered that I once told him that I have led battles in the .es, he told me to try, so I started leading DF battles.

We realized that we were in a considerably disadvantage regarding the opposite battle side, so we needed to form up an alliance, we got in talks with Gold Rush and White Witch’s town: Pioneers alliance was born, and I was appointed as its diplomat.

We eventually keep growing both as town and alliance with new players and towns coming in, the battles were balanced and was fun to play. Nevertheless, we had an issue in DF: there was not fort leader when I was not available. A new enthusiast player joined town and he seemed to really want to get into leading fights business, his name was .-X-. He learned very fast, so we started to take turns to lead the fights, I got some pressure off me and we were doing a smooth job, we were in the very top.

At some point a full nugget set was added, it was called "union officer set”, many players bought it and became extremely strong, I was unable and unwilling to buy it. In consequence, I got relegated as the best dueler in Idaho by quite a few places, so I stopped playing there.

World Juarez

Oh Juarez, Juarez, Juarez…

I had learned from my experience in Idaho: don’t pick dueler class unless you are willing to buy every nugget damager set the games puts before you, so I picked worker class to be a tank. In the beginning, I just wanted to join a town and do fort fights, but then I realized that the server had a serious issue: all the good players were joining the same town (Cuba Libre (CL)) and there was not really an “opposite” side but a weak and small Waters Settle alliance.

Then, I decided to start my own town (Ciudad Obregon), some very good players joined me (honor mention to The Ogre, Killy the Bid and IDoomFire) and we started fighting against CL and their alliance MW. I founded my own alliance to expand our fort fighting side: Unión Federal. Good towns like Yevnar’s town Roseland and the Portuguese town Butchery joined.

The Mexican Wave leader (drunken-sailor (DS)) and I used to talk a lot about fort fighting schedules and balancing things, I always told him that CL was so strong, and we needed to balance things, not much happened but there was some sort of coordination between us.

DS quit Juarez after he lost a battle against me on 12/22/2019, he had 84 attackers and I defended a medium fort with 67 people, I don’t know what exactly happened in their fort chat, but I do know he was very frustrated about the situation.

During the next month after that battle, Juarez lived under what many friends of mine joking call the dictatorship period, I literally had full control of the server: nothing significant happened without me noticing or without my authorization and I had a total control over the fort fighting system. In all the years playing this game, I have never seen an individual player have such control over a server.

Of course, I faced high resistance during this period, but I was able to overcome it for several reasons: I had a very good and cooperative team, I was on fire with my leads and the new fort leader of CL (Luke Cow Walker) was such a noob. More players started to fight against my alliance, but I got used to win battles in very disadvantageous scenarios, some examples here: attacking: https://www.westforts.com/en23/battles/battle/41832 and defending: https://www.westforts.com/en23/battles/battle/41783.

I became very stressed because of the situation in the game plus all the new responsibilities I had to undertake in real life. So, I abruptly quit the game being at the very top of the power scale.

World Kansas

Not much about this world, I just entered when it started to say hello to some friends and wanted to chill out, I didn’t have that much time anymore, I even stayed the first month in a dueling town with my friend lulumcnoob, -just dueling and chilling out-.

My presence in the server was broadly noticed, I got several proposals to join towns and I eventually ended up accepting one from Apache Warriors. My goal there was to unify international towns into a strong alliance, it took a little bit of drama, but I accomplished it: Worldwide alliance was founded with Apache Warriors, Illuminati, Greek Hood and Revengers.

World Las Vegas

Well, here we are in the most recently open .net world, most of the time I’m just there with the browser tab open and doing something else, don’t even have time to level up my character. I joined Warhammer to provide strategic assistance to some of my friends and foster the development of the town.

--- ---

And that’s all folks, many stories, people, friends, foes, battles, all in this old western game. I always say that the-west is about people and their relationships, and the game is a side thing, that’s why most of us have come back several times.

Please feel free to leave a comment (positive or negative) about anything I wrote here.

Was nice sharing the west with you all.



Don Piroquita

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I used to remember how fun was to play the west, that “nostalgia feeling” was what drove me to want to start to play again in late 2018, I logged in again in the .es servers but all I found was dozens of ghost towns and most of my good old friends gone. The game was dead.
same here, how much people tried to play again after few years, only to see dust in his country server, no friends nor famous citys from your time, nothing even the shadow reflection of its former itself.
i didnt know you but i happy that you can move on, maybe one day the west will make a comeback, who knows... hope to see you there :up: much love from don piroquita


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I see, so great players have their own trouble, like having a hard time declining active role from people you've known for a long time. :lol:

I'd wish you have a good time in real life.
And if one day you re-read this story you wrote, I hope you'd come back as a member, make a brand new account with its new story, stripped from all those responsibility of the past. And let younger blood lead the pace. :)


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and the new fort leader of CL (Luke Cow Walker) was such a noob.

totally agree with this statement

i've been to both the battles posted, i can say the 98 vs 52 defence (where i was in defence) is one of my favorite battles i've been too...like it's still on my mind sometimes and i remember even some chats in it.

i would suggest joining colorado as @Goober Pyle said, apart from that...good luck in life


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It was a pleasure meeting you, Appatz. You are such a kind person and loyal player. Wish you all the best in real life, STAY STRONG!

Clever Hans

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There are few factual errors in your post. At least when it comes to Juarez and Kansas.

About Juarez, you were definitely not underdogs. MW was started by DS who has quit in December, two months after the world was open since we were getting slaughtered in every single fight in unbalanced battles. MW back then had only 3 towns and the way to balance it out was to join our forces with WS alliance which we did and which boosted our total numbers to counter your nuggeters and damagers. Regarding battles you posted, those were not lead by me (Luke) but by CBenney (Nazgul on Juarez). What you didn´t post are the battles after these when we finally started to win back forts after 3 months of the losing streak. Shortly after, you have rage quit after disbanding your alliance on Juarez.

About Kansas, you did the same thing, recruiting all nuggeters to one alliance (Worldwide) and have quit shortly after. Worldwide was formed by towns from national worlds which didn´t play .net worlds before.

You´ve been coming back and leaving ever since so I do hope it´s not your final goodbye. Take care.



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Good journey... Unfortunately most of us have many personal life respnisibiles and cant keep up with the pace of the game...

Too many click too many events too many time quests too many minute que for adventure but not enough enjoyable fort battles or duels...

Is it even worth trying to keep up? I gave up after 6months of returning after 5years... I still wait here for secret profject... And you when you come back, because you will, i say dont come back expecting good from this game because you will disappointed but expect the worst my friend.