Anyone looking for a town?

Dillon Justice

Ndołkah is looking for members. Great items in the shops including these set items:
Female Pilgrim Dress & Shoes
Male Pilgrim Hat
Plain Iron Cross
Full Farmer's Set
Mexican Bandana
Hair Feather
High Heels
Fancy Shoes
Brown Top Hat
Hair Feather
Indian Feather Hat.
Plus 5 fancy items not listed as well as the Golden Buffalo, Golden Bullet and Golden Cross.

Da Freeze

Active Member
We recently expanded our empire with a new town called Ndołkah Academy. And we still need members. Special items in our shop are:

  • Sombrero

  • Pilgrim`s woolly hat

  • Dancers Dress

  • Indian Clothing

  • Brown Waistcoat

  • Precise pepperbox revolver

  • Golden Buffalo

  • Golden indian necklace
We are also looking voor new alliances to expand power, share items and having more fun at our forums.