[Any W10 Pre-made Towns??]

John Wayne

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As you may all be starting to wounder W10 should be just around the corner previous to the openings of W8/W9 being introduced quite awhile ago now. I am guessing most probably once the new 1.20 version has been introduced to the server but you can still never be to sure. Should turn out to be one if not the best worlds to date due to the introduction of these new upgrades being available from the start of the world (that is if the release of W10 is not introduced prior to the release of the new update).

Was just woundering if there are any pre-made towns waiting to take part in this world and if so what are your town names going to be called and who is going to be joining you?

I will be looking forward to taking part in this world myself and may decide to set up a town of my own yet, that is only if there are no decent town offers available to me prior to the opening of the world. I dont really have to much on my plate right now playing only W5 and the Beta Server so I will be able to play really activily with full premium advantages. I will be looking to play as a soldier/melee dueler and should be looking to keep a place as a top 15 dueler. Would be interested to know if there are going to be any big names playing on this world either towns or players?

(I am sorry if there are other multipul threads in regards to the same sort of threat I have just posted. I have had a quick look through most of the forums and didn't see any) :)

Glenn ZA

I cannot see World 10 being opened just yet, especially if all Worlds are still currently open for registration?

Just my thoughts...

;) :cool:


Since it's starting to sound like they may start introducing some changes in updates that only affect new worlds, it almost seems like it will have to wait until the next version.


Next world that opens will be my chance to try a pure builder, so looking forward to it.