Any Playstation 3 Gamers?


I just wanted to know if anyone on here has a Playstation 3 and what games do you play?

At the moment I'm playing COD 4 which I think is better than COD 5.

If you want to add me;
PSN: Eddy51


Hmm yeah I got a PS3, got CoD5 on it. I have CoD4 on the PC.

I beta tested the CoD5 multiplayer on the PC and thought it was rubbish, like CoD4 same gameplay but in a new skin/surroudings.

But got the game on Ps3 and it grew on me.

Can't say I play it much now. Last game I played was EndWar... you got it?


No I don't have EndWar, I'm a bit of a COD4 addict lol. There's a Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 coming out you know?


Really? How soon? Is it going to be made by the same people as CoD4? Should be very go.

Have you got any links/sources or anything for me to lap up? :D


Around the end of the year. Yeah it's made by IW same as COD4 so should be really good.

Sorry there's no more details on it yet that's all I know at the moment.


Playstation 3 ha its a joke. I play xbox 360 fav game Fallout 3

Please don't be a fanboy and come to try and ruin a PS3 thread, I see enough of it on amazon discussions/forums/reviews.

If you want to talk about XBox 360 maybe make its own thread instead?
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nty you should trade in that ps3 for a xbox then you can play real games on a real gaming machine


It's not a free forum there are rules, and by acting anti-socially, you are breaking them.
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