animal friend


I was wondering if any consideration has ever been given to the idea of maybe adding a "pet"?

Depending on character class one could capture and tame a wild animal such as a wolf, mountain lion, or bear that would occupy the rifle place holder. The "pet" could be leveled up just like your character and would enhance your overall points for labor and/or dueling, possibly even striking a few blows of it's own in a duel.

This could be implemented as a leveling tool to make the classes more even. It would also make choosing a person to attack/duel more of a crap shoot since the possibility of being mauled by a wild animal would be unpredictable and it's added values unseen by duelers.

Just a thought


seems to me this exists already, as you can equip an animal, and they have different working bonuses possibly.


try getting a doolin horse, or a doc horse, or a .... do your own research


Maybe I presented the idea wrong, but I don't feel you've grasped the concept of the animal sidekick. There has to be more that can be done with this "game" than pounding a stick in the ground, moving a dot around on a grid, or participating in one of the worst examples of sector control I've seen.
I thought it would be something new to do and at the same time allow a player to build a weapon to rival the payed to win player's kit.


I asked them to let us personalize our horses, as in choose a color, after all everyone looks like clones of each other, but I don't think they liked it. As for the sidekick " allowing a player to build a weapon to rival the payed to win players kit" what is to stop the 'pay to win' player from doing the same thing ? I don't think there is really any room in our equip spaces that would allow a 'pet' . Another space would have to be created. I like the basic idea of a sidekick, that is not put in the 'riding animal ' spot though. Perhaps a reward from a quest?


We already have an animal friend from the main story it's Shoe, the coyote.


They pay to win players would still win whatever way you look at it.

Micky Davies

I havent seen Shoe for ages (i think he`s dead) But i do like the idea!

Dark Terror

Ahhhhh I seem to recall the last "pets" idea not going too well either. We already have horses elephants Christmas sleds etc, no need to add cats and dogs which will make cute little barking animations if you forgot to feed them in the last twelve hours.