An Easier way to find which forts a town owns


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I would like to be able to see fort ownership in an alliance's Fort tab

Current Workaround
Click on a town and see from the profile that town owns fort(s), click town's Saloon, Open a player's profile, open the town's alliance page Click Forts, Individually click on each fort looking for the name of the town you are looking for, Open a prospective fort's profile, Click on Headquarters, Click on Towns, Finally you can see who owns the fort, but it's not necessarily the town you want to dig, repeat until you find the fort you're looking for.

If a town is allianceless, open the minimap, check each fort individually in the same manner as above.

Indicate the current owner of the fort in the Alliance Fort overview, saving 4-5 steps. This will not work for allianceless towns, so alternatively/additionally add a Fort overview to a town's Town Hall (which also links from the fort membership indicator on a town's profile), detailing that towns fort membership.

Abuse Prevention
People can more easily target specific towns that own a fort, so don't own a fort if you can't defend it.

Visual Aids

It should be easier to find forts owned by specific towns, changing the alliance fort tab to indicate ownership would mostly do the job.

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I suppose i picked a bad time to post an idea, while the back-end is on fire and every quest is broken, maybe one day :D


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It is absolutely perfect, thank you so much :D

Toolkit has been MVP lately, with this and the live fort stats in particular, i'm so grateful that at least scripters are still keeping new feature development alive in this game :)
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