Allow Transfer of Town Forum Ownership


This proposal is, as the thread topic states, to introduce a feature to allow transfer of the ownership of town forums in-game to other towns. Details will be given in the 'Details' section below.

Current Workaround:
The other town can create an entirely new forum!

Over the past few days, I encountered an issue in-game related to this idea. I was closing down a prominent forum which I had run for about two years for many of the towns on my main world. However, another town was going to take over the forum from me. You can imagine the annoyance caused to both myself and my successor by my being unable to transfer the many posts and important threads in the original forum to the forum run by the new town. My successor was forced to copy and paste every single post in the old forum to make up the threads in the new forum, which, as you can imagine, may have taken some time...

What we need, then, is a feature which allows the transfer of the ownership of town forums to another town. Perhaps this feature could even be given a system by which all town founders in the owning town have to approve the transfer by visiting the particular forum. This could act as a fail-safe to prevent people from doing irrational things which the remainder of the town don't agree with. However, this part is a minor point, and yes, I can see the many issues with it heh... This feature could be accessed via the 'Manage Forum' button found in the town forums of which a town has ownership. I doubt that this would be too difficult to implement. It is already possible to promote and demote different towns into founder, council and member towns in an alliance, so why not this too?

Any thoughts and constructive criticism on how my idea could be improved would be most welcome!

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Visual Aids:
This kind of thing is not my strongpoint. If someone wanted to create something, however, I'd be more than happy to edit it into the proposal of course! (I would have to like it though...)

To wrap the proposal up, I am of the belief that this idea would be beneficial to those people that run prominent forums, and that no longer want/are able to. Though it might not be used much, this would definitely improve gameplay, if only in a minor way, for quite a number of players. In terms of the idea benefiting Innogames, I suppose that they'd have one less disgruntled forum owner nagging at them... (Not that there are many of these, but the point stands...) So, let me know what you think, and comment away!

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Pankreas PorFavor

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great idea. over the years we've all encountered this problem, a lot of useful information was lost because forums were deleted..


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Yes from me, I had a similar issue when transferring towns since I've made guides for my townmates but when I joined a new town I had to copy and past every single post so I can create new threads in the new town. This idea should solve that issue.


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Someone just pointed out this idea... I think it's very, very needed... And I hope it becomes available... soon! :)