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Alliances list and news

Harriet Oleson

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I'm surely not the best placed to do that, but well.
Seeing there's no alliances list in game and it's rather difficult to be informed about alliances news, I create this thread to list the Alliances of this world, and where Alliances can tell when they split, get in conflict, are making peace, change name etc. It could even be a thread to ask questions to alliances or for alliances to present themselves a little bit, their history and their projects.

Nothing mandatory of course, if you don't want to participate in that don't force yourself lol. And if you want, please just try to respect the forum rules.

Here are the lists :
- The tw-db link (with information like the number of towns, members, and forts) : http://tw-db.info/?strana=politic_map&world=en26
- And the forum list that I'll try to keep updated according to the news you'll post in there (if there are any :p).

--- ---


--- A ---


--- B ---

Bad Boys
Black Ops
Bloodmoon Warriors

--- C ---

Chop Chop
Classic world

--- D ---

Dark Side
Dragon Raiders

--- E ---


--- F ---

Farming Community
Free folk
Freeholder Alliance

--- G ---

Ghost Dancers

--- I ---


--- K ---

Kansas Cowpokes

--- L ---

Loose Ends

--- M ---


--- N ---

New hereford

--- P ---


--- S ---


--- T ---

The Alliance
The Bowl
The Players Union
The Tribe

--- V ---


--- W ---

Wolves and Peace
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Harriet Oleson

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New alliances recently created :
- Wolverine
- and Night Rippers

Wolverine is created by the town Catnoir (I don't know if the town is new).
And Night Rippers is created by the town Valhalla (previously part of Dark Side).

Harriet Oleson

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Since last time :
- New alliance called Wolves and Peace, created by the town Wolves and Kings
- Night Rippers are now called NIGHT RIPPERZ
- and the alliances Neighbourly and forever together are closing (no town in them anymore).

Harriet Oleson

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New weekly update :
- the alliance SouthEastCoyotes is closing (no town in it anymore)
- and 4 new alliances : Dragon Raiders, crafting, IvanD968 and ***, respectively created by the towns Dragon Cave, Asgard, LILOUTLSW and Blind Of Death.

Edit : moderators censured one alliance name by deleting it, so I modify it back but by replacing the deleted name by " *** ", cause otherwise the sentence doesn't make sense anymore (we couldn't know who created which alliance).
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Harriet Oleson

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Thanks !

Weekly update :
- No new alliance and no alliance disbanded
- The alliance previously called "We still Love Kayah" is now called The Tribe.

Harriet Oleson

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{Edit : Previous news (from November 2):
- Moderators deleted the previous news so I put it back here but without mentioning the forbidden name : the alliance *** is closing.]

Last news :
- New alliance called Free folk, created by a town wearing the same name.
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