Alliance idea/free trade agreements/towns making profits


Im sure everyone is not happy with having ur town with limited items, especially when each town has different items on each level and every town has different items. So my suggestion is that towns an set up alliances so the allies can have access to certain shops in their town like the tailor or gunsmith. in other words your allies can have full access to cheap items in your town plus be able to see all of them or the town owners can have the ability to hide certain weapons. like free trade agreements so your allies dont get charged 4 times the price for items a town charges its member and also be able to seei also suggest that a town can sell items that its members find during jobs.

so in short: (plus improvised ideas)

1. free trade agreements where certain towns (allies) can have access to your market/shops. it would be nice if you can charge them fees etc. which leads to....

2. towns can set their own prices/fees for items and the profit money goes to their treasury.

3. items found at jobs can be brought in to own town and can be sold to the shops. then town can then make them permanant items. it can also be sold to other towns.

PS: how do we know if the staff gets to read our ideas? or how to get a response from them? for non-germans anyway lol

i look forward to as many comments as possible. ideas/suggestions welcome...


The first idea is already in practice informally.

Once the update is done and we have the ability to display town profiles, towns can list their allies if they so choose on their profile.

The second and third ideas seem to make trading amongst towns quite complicated. So if I wish to purchase something at the cheapest possible price, because of towns' differential pricing, I will need to trawl all the towns and check which is the cheapest. Seems a tad too much to do.

A simple trading post amongst players might suffice? :)


They won't have trade because people use it to push accounts. there's nothing to stop you doing the first 2.


Yeah having to find a town that stocks what you want is bad enough, never mind having to find a few to compare quotes.

I believe my town on world 2 has such a trade alliance at the moment. If you need something from their shop (they tell us what they have so we have the full list), you leave the town and join theirs just to buy the item cheaply.


i think i said this a very long time ago i just didn't care to post it. i like it a lot


so c'mon we need something like this.

the leaving town and accepting an invite from another town is stupid.


no not nessaccaraly maybe what we need is the abilty to make aliances which i think is i thw works but when you view the shop you see everything

and maybe the town can set a discount on the pricing for town they can make it half the price a quater a fifth etc

this stops all the swapping of players easily


I was just thinking this today. I think that town members get charged current rates, then allies could just get charged 40%-50% of nonmember rates. The swapping of towns is a pain and a hassle for the towns themselves and the members.

Maybe cheaper hotel costs could be charged for allies as well. Like $5 for level 1, $20 for level 2, etc.
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I think it looks similar to my city uniona idea... I agree, further advancement in comm between cities


i agree with this idea ...... but the purchace price must be a minimum and maximum price