So someone comes up with a pretend problem and a time limit and then everyone else has to think up of a funny solution to that problem. Then the person with the fake problem says who gave the best solution and that person then posts their fake problem.

For example:

Zem: I think my wife is cheating on me (1 week)

Elmyr: (unfunny joke)

Tiger: my shotgun

futu: watch her through my paper bag

Zem: Tiger was teh best

tiger: how to bury dead bodies in frozen ground.


So let's start then

How to cheat in an exam? (1 week)
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Use a sentient mug with connection to the interent to bem answers directly into your cerebral cortex.


Hire me to run in on the exam and wave a gun around, in the confusion switch places with the teacher and mark your own paper.

(btw Johann, why would he want a connection to the 'interent'? and how would be 'bem' the answers into his mind?)


I'm not going to post anything, because tiger's already won. His advice is so good it makes me want to go back to school just so I can use it.