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I was very reluctant to post here, but in the end I decided, that I am ready to receive the obligatory percentage of negative comments and insults.
In any case, when adventures were announced, we were all figuring out what they will look like. Although the attack on Toombstone is an adventure and has a certain number of players who like to play it, I have to say that I (and others too, but I will speak in my name) was fairly disappointed after it appeared (same goes for the middle quadrant which was fogged out before introduction). It is simply different of what I was expecting and it requires 100% presence of the player while waiting for a start and throughout the play. I must admit this is not fitting in my lifestyle.... In any case I would like to present the adventures in a way that would make a game more interesting for me:
Attack on a town:
A group of people connect in a gang and decides to attack a town. People who are town residents need to defend the town (they can also get some help). Defense of a town would be by setting people on a strategic position in town.
Attack on a town would happen through a the main street.
Depending on skill of players and other attributes the town would be successful in defense or not. If the attacker gang is successful, they get the loot from town bank (accumulated sum).
If defense is successful, the gang gets imprisoned for 24hrs.
If the status is equal, the gang fleas the town without a loot.

A town is able to open a posy after the escaped gang. They decide to assign the reward (can go from town treasury or players). People who apply are hunting the escaped gang either as whole (in 2hrs after attack) or as individuals. Reward is payed for each gang member caught.
a.) as whole
It happens in a canyon, woods or mountains. Gang can find a hideout. Attackers need to shoot them (from distance with left hand arms from close dueling).
After majority of gang is KO, the rest get arrested and are locked up for 24hrs
b.) as individuals
Gang members may be ambushed or dueled.

Every player may be allowed to ambush players who:
- were part of unsuccessful town attack
- dueled a player without a reason (no wanted poster was assigned)
- have a wanted poster
Other skill set than for dueling take place (hiding, stamina,....)

A player needs to assemble a gear for prospecting (pan, food, carrying animals, pickaxes, shovels, hay...) After the gear is collected the player determines on a map where he/she would prospect for gold or stones. Prospecting time would be a sum of traveling to picked location, deciding on the size of prospected area (new map would occur) and traveling back to start point.
Deciding on results (gold dust for $50, gold dust for $5000, other metals) the player could decide to stake a claim or do another prospecting or end with prospecting.

Player could work on claim alone or with team (again stock of materials to be collected first) for 10 days - sleeping necessary after energy depletion either in tent or nearby town. First 48hrs the claim can not be touched by anyone, player is safe. After 48hrs, claim can get attacked and looted (scenario of town attack).

Similar as prospecting also trapping could be done, and selling furs collected as reward.
Player can be dueled and ambushed during prospecting, trapping. If the player is KO'd, the adventure is finished.

Have a nice day,