Adventure Cooldown


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Issue a cooldown ban to players who join the multiplayer adventure's queue and then fail to ready up for the said adventure.

Current Workaround
None. Players can join, fail to ready, then join again how many times they want without any kind of limit, penalty or control.

Latelly there's been a trolling wave where players join the adventures queue and then fail to press the ready button on purpose, making it impossible for those seeking to play, to find an adventure. This idea's proposal is to issue a cooldown that gradually increases depending on how many times you fail to hit ready after joining a queue.

Abuse Prevention
This idea itself is an abuse prevention, wink wink.




(Nugget prices are just an example, yet the times match what I was looking for, not too long, in case it wasn't done on porpuse, but enough to give other players a chance to find a new adventure)

It's clear to see how players would benefit from this. Like I said before on this post, this case of trolling has been increasing and we, who look forwards to play a few adventures daily, struggle to find even one.
Inno can profit by adding an option to reset the cooldown using nuggets and making it higher as you fail more times (like shown in -Visual Aids-).
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quick question.. i have 2 diff world accounts.. can they both play in 1 adventure game :D


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This is not really the's when you actually get a game started after waiting long minutes and somebody just quits out because they don't like how the teams were matched. :annoyed: