Adventure changes


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Hi all, with the gold coins event there is more adventures, but when it'll be over this part of game will again quite disappear, I think that the rewards are obsolet, the ranking is obsolet, so what could we do with it?

1 : REWARD : I think that OUTLAW SET has to be reevaluated, for this I propose to :
- multiply by 1.2 ALL bonuses of the set ; specific items as well as the bonuses from severals items, ATTRIBUTES, ABILITIES, and MULTIPLAYER BONUSES should be up
*1.2 is quite low for an up, but it keep this gear not so powerfull, and allow it to continue to be used on international events for example, the principal idea with that is to reboost attack and defense bonuses for adv (one single gear will give 0.6 attack/0.6 defense, and full set bonus will give + 6/+6)
- Historically, the weapons were with higher damages than usual gear weapons, so I propose to adapt it for these times : duels weapons should be set to +1.25 damages per level, and fort weapons should be set to + 2.25 (or 2.3) damages per level
I think this will not affect badly duels nor fort battles, cause gun and knife give only really small leadership and riding horse, and rifle gives to much Hp to be a crazy damage rifle
- optionnally : Cook and Dalton should be set to 9000 veteran points : these are old gear, doing them cheaper could help new players to get them for example

2 : RANKING : Barrels should be cancelled from KO count, or a separate count should be do for barrels cause it make all ranking completely weird and useless : you see some really smalls level with like 50 adv and 400 ko's, and some of them only inscribe on adv to make the most barrels shots they can

3 : TEAM BALANCE : I think it should be really nice to have an option while choosing special abilities before entering the lobby, to change team, this could be done like a swap on ff : one player of a team select a player of the opponent team, and if the other one do the same, some green thing appear, and people swap team, all of adventure players know that the balancing by level is often givin a bad balance for teams, players should be able to choose better balance, AND it could help for people don't leave games : all of us know that some dislike too much each or each player, and don't want to play with them, so better change team without waitin an other launching :)

ty for reading, please comment this to improve this part of game :) have a nice day all :)


better not to trade because you always have multi to trade and you can't play.
I agree to increase the bandit's items, so that everyone goes back to playing.