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Add Water Well to Towns?


Idea title: Water Well building for Towns

Details of idea:
Every western town should have a Water Well! So how about this: A building is added to towns, a 'Water Well', that upgrades to infinity just like the Church. It can be a place where people can throw money into the well for no reason at all. Or maybe throwing money into the well gives you a +prayer or +luck or something.

This basically just adds another building for towns to flex their superiority with. Each Water Well could even keep track of how much money has been wasted on it, so that could be kinda fun. Maybe it is superstition to throw a coin down your towns Water Well before a fort battle, that sort of thing.

(Imaginary) Visual Aid: Some spot on the town overview, perhaps in front of the Church, where a Water Well would be added.

Reasons for submitting: I bounced this idea around and got some positive reception. It also seems like one of those 'why not?' things that could be added that doesn't necessarily change game mechanics, but adds another layer of competition between towns.

Anyway. . .

To be honest, Idk how it would work exactly. But you get the rough idea.



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hmm maybe it can give an exp bonus( if you are lucky ) towards building church in those under 120* lvl ? so they can lvl up a bit faster?
i know its gonna be a gamble but if the bonus is good then it could worth it . for those that are higher than 120* lvl it can be cosmetic as mentioned on your post. thats my twist on this and thought on this.
but either with my twist or not this looks ok i guess :)