Achievement: I see men... but green.


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In achievement listing: I see men... but green promises 325 achievement point.
But when I got the achievement I gave 125 points.


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Harriet Oleson

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It's like that for all achievements who can be achieved with different "stages" : the amount of achievement points written in the list is not the number of achievements points won for this stage but the total amount of achievements points won from all previous stages together. With the example you're mentioning : 385 points is the total number of points you won for the "use buffs" achievements, all stages together ("I feel so good" (10 points) + "I feel better" (25 points) + etc). So if for the last stage "I see men but green" you won 125 points and in total it's written 385 points in the list, that means for the previous stages, you had already won 385 - 125 = 260 points in total.