Abiline and the NEC


Hi there everybody, I'm the founder of the town NEC - Abiline. At 18 members and growing every day, we're the most active town with one of the most dynamic communities in the North East of the map. We have a mix of classes, levels, and professions. We even have one member who actually role-plays his character!

Though we are already quite a large town, I'd like us to expand further. We're currently accepting members of all levels, though experienced duelers and fort fighters would be appreciated. We also have a sister town, which could use some workers to help build it up, and would also gladly welcome newer players.

If you're already in a town, though, you could always join our alliance: the NEC (North East Confederation). We're a small but growing alliance, aimed at unifying the disparate towns of the North East into a stronger whole. Western towns, keep out. :p

Hope to hear from some people soon,



We now have 28 active members, an established sister town and an alliance that is growing by the day. The North East Confederation has evolved into the New Eastern Coalition, an alliance which aims to represent the newer and less established towns in the east of the world.

Be sure to send me a message if you are interested in joining either Abiline or the NEC!