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A new world is on the horizon!


The West Team
Community Manager
Hello cowboys and cowgirls!

A new world will open in October and we're looking for a cool name!

Do you know any good names starting with a L, preferably related to the Wild West? Let us know and if your name is chosen we will reward you with 200 nuggets!
Entries can be submitted until September 30th 23:59. After that, the team will pick some of the best names and we will create an in-game survey, so you can decide the winning name!

More entries can be submitted by a person. In case of duplicate entries, the one sent in first will be the winner. Rules for participating in contests can be read here.

Please submit your entries here.

Kind regards,
Your The West team


The West Team
Community Manager
Thank you for participating in this contest and sumbiting so many great names for our new world! The winner name is Las Vegas!

The results of the survey are the following:
Los Mochis5027,42
Las Vegas158623,45