A guide to skill crafting (Tonic Peddler)

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    Work in progress...

    [box=black]Warning: This guide contains spoilers.[/box]

    Table of Contents
    - [jumpto=ch1]Chapter 1: Introduction[/jumpto]
    - [jumpto=ch2]Chapter 2: High Rollers[/jumpto]
    - [jumpto=ch3]Chapter 3: Drink Up![/jumpto]
    - [jumpto=ch4]Chapter 4: Grinding Galore[/jumpto]
    - [jumpto=ch5]Chapter 5: Use your resources well[/jumpto]
    - [jumpto=ch6]Chapter 6: The first product[/jumpto]
    - [jumpto=ch7]Chapter 7: Final touch[/jumpto]
    - [jumpto=ch8]Chapter 8: Cheat sheet[/jumpto]
    - [jumpto=ch9]Footnotes[/jumpto]

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    I have been thinking about this a lot, maybe too much, but anyway this is how I intend to go from 0 to 610 csp[1][2] as a Tonic Peddler.

    Most information here is based on the information on tw-db:s Tonic Peddler page that is based on information that will most likely be correct in 1.35, I will update this guide if there are any changes.

    The objectives with my crafting are:
    - max out my csp:s (or at least be able to make all recipes available to Tonic Peddlers)
    - use as few resources as possible (time, energy and cash).
    - acquire all achievements[3] (or at least make sure that I will be able to).

    I will show you both how I came to decide to do it like I will and what I decided on, so the lazy Tonic Peddlers out there can just copy my approach and the rest (including people with other professions) can make their own path.

    There are two aspects of my method that I would like to point out before going any further:
    1) I skill craft - that means that I don't make buffs for my town or alliance without people first giving me the products needed to make them (or the equivalent amount of products that i need for other things).
    2) I craft within a town and alliance where I am a known crafter that constantly spams the chats with requests for products to be bought at lowest possible price - you can do this townless but it will require a lot more resources.

    One last thing before getting to the juicy details, recipes can have four states:
    1) not available - you can't craft this yet
    2) yellow - give 1 csp and 1 product per time you do it
    3) green - give in average 0.5 csp and 1.05[5] products per time you do it.
    4) gray - give 0 csp and 1.1[5] products per time you do it

    The method I used to decide what to craft and when was going backwards... Starting with the hardest recipe and then moving backwards one recipe at the time (first time I did this the last two recipes where not known - so I had to redo it once they where out...). Let's begin:

    Chapter 2: High rollers

    * 600-625-650: Fabled Antidote[6]
    - 1 cobra tooth
    - 4 Glowing Mixture (crafted by TP[7])
    - 2 Herb Liqueur (crafted by TP)
    - 1 Sulfuric Acid (crafted by TP)
    - 5 Stomach Medicine (crafted by TP)

    * 600-625-650: Glowing Mixture
    - 3 Snake Oil (crafted by TP)
    - 4 Incense (crafted by FC)
    - 2 Amulets (crafted by TP)
    - 1 Rose Water (crafted by TP)
    - 2 Distillate (crafted by TP)

    So, to get from 600-650 csp I have to produce 75 Fabled Antidotes and Glowing Mixtures (25 to go from 600 to 625 csp and another 50 to go from 625 to 650 csp). Since the Fabled Antidote requires 4 Glowing Mixtures I can produce 15 fabled antidotes and 60 Glowing Mixtures to get to 650 csp:s (I admit I could also just produce 75 Glowing Mixtures here and save me a lot resources, but being this close I'd rather do it this way).

    To produce 15 Fabled Antidotes I would have to produce:
    - 60 Glowing Mixture
    - 30 Herb Liqueur
    - 15 Sulfuric Acid
    - 75 stomach Medicine
    And then also get:
    - 15 cobra tooth

    This is doable within the above constraints, and looks pretty good to me (I would have to produce an extra 25 Stomach Medicine in gray, but that is not much)

    To produce 60 Glowing Mixture I would have to produce:
    - 180 Snake Oil
    - 120 Amulets
    - 60 Rose Water
    - 120 Distillate
    And then also get:
    - 240 Incense (crafted by FC)

    Now this is starting to look bad:
    - 180 Snake Oil would require me to do 25 in yellow, 50 in green and another 105 in gray.
    - 120 Amulets would require me to do 20 in yellow and 100 in gray
    - 60 Rose Water would require me to do 50 in yellow and 10 in gray
    - 120 Distillate would require me to do 75 in yellow and 45 in green

    But for now I will accept it, lets continue...

    * 500-525-550: Snake Oil
    - 1 snake skin
    - 1 lye (crafted by TP)
    - 1 sulfuric rock

    * 525-550-575: Hair Lotion
    - 2 Battery (crafted by TP)
    - 1 Petroleum (crafted by FC)
    - 1 puma skin

    * 550-575-600: Fine Liqueur
    - 1 Moonshine (crafted by TP)
    - 1 Herb Liqueur (crafted by FC)
    - 1 jug

    So, to get from 550 to 600 csp I have to produce 75 Fine Liqueur

    To produce 75 Fine Liqueur I would have to produce:
    - 75 Moonshine
    - 75 Herb Liqueur
    And then also get:
    - 75 jug

    This is already amounting to too many things to do and a vital difference between the Fine Liqueur and the Fabled Antidote/Glowing Mixture is that Fine Liqueur moves me forward to the next recipe while the others are the final two recipes. So this recipe is more important for me (as a skill crafter) than the last ones.

    After doing some counting back and forth through out the recipe route (I can't even remember the whole process) I came to the conclusion that 2 Fabled Antidotes would be enough - and from now on that is what I will be counting with.

    To go from 500 to 550 csp (or really actually up to 575) I can vary myself a bit to mix and match depending on what products I need and how many greenly produced products I need, suffice to say that I went with the easiest option as I already have enough green products (see below) and I no longer need more than 25 Snake Oil anyway. (The Hair Lotion is worthless to me, I will just use it to thank some of the people that have helped me on the way.) So:

    To produce 25 Hair Lotion (525-550) I would have to produce:
    - 50 Battery
    - 25 Petroleum
    And then also get:
    - 25 puma skin

    To produce 25 Snake Oil (500-525) I would have to produce:
    - 25 lye
    And then also get:
    - 25 sulfuric rock
    - 25 snake skin

    High rollers, summary: 500-610 csp

    * Production:
    - 25 Snake Oil (used for Glowing Mixture)
    - 25 Hair Lotion (used as thank you gifts)
    - 75 Fine Liqueur (used as thank you gifts)
    - 8 Glowing Mixture (used for Fabled Antidote)
    - 2 Fabled Antidote (used to brag!)

    * Needed products from lower level recipes:
    - 16 Amulet (20-40-40)
    - 10 Stomach Medicine (50-100-100)
    - 2 Sulfuric Acid (100-150-200)
    - 25 Petroleum (100-150-200)
    - 75 Moonshine (150-225-300)
    - 16 Distillate (150-225-300)
    - 50 Battery (300-350-400)
    - 25 Lye (350-425-500)
    - 79 Herb Liqueur (350-425-500)
    - 8 Rose Water (450-500-500)

    * Achievement related info:
    - 85 products in yellow
    - 50 products in green

    Chapter 3: Drink Up!

    From now on it becomes easier as I already know some things that I need above. In this chapter I will look at the csp:s from 350 to 500. This includes Rose Water that I guess will be the bulk of my crafting once I've reached my goals.

    I know that I need:
    - 25 Lye (that covers 350-375 csp)
    - 79 Herb Liqueur (that covers 375-425 csp + 425-440 csp)
    - 8 Rose Water (that covers 450-458 csp)

    So I still have to figure out how to get from 440-450 csp and from 458-500 csp. The answer to that is pretty obvious if you look at the recipes.

    The cheapest route to go from 440-450 csp is to produce 10 Compasses (to gift), as it is the only yellow recipe available.

    The cheapest route to from 458-500 csp is to produce Rose Water, since it is the only recipe that is yellow at that time.

    To produce 25 Lye (350-375 csp) I would have to produce:
    - 25 Uncut Pyrite
    And then also get:
    - 25 Charcoal (crafted by FC)
    - 125 wood
    - 50 glass of water

    To produce 80 Herb Liqueur (rounded from 79) (375-440 csp) I would have to produce:
    - 80 resin
    And then also get:
    - 80 peace flower
    - 80 lotus blossom
    - 160 glass of water

    To produce 10 Pair of Compasses (440-450 csp) I would have to get:
    - 10 spike
    - 20 chalk
    - 20 lassos

    To produce 50 Rose Water (450-500 csp I would have to get:
    - 50 rose
    - 100 lotus blossom
    - 200 rum

    Drink up!, summary: 350-500 csp

    * Production:
    - 25 Lye (used for Snake Oil)
    - 80 Herb Liqueur (used for Fine Liqueur and Fabled Antidote)
    - 10 Pair of Compasses (used as thank you gifts)
    - 50 Rose Water (used for Fabled Antidote (4) and thank you gifts (46))

    * Needed products from lower level recipes:
    - 25 Uncut Pyrite (0-10-10)
    - 80 Resin (0-50-100)

    * Achievement related info:
    - 145 products in yellow (to a total of 210)
    - 30 products in green (to a total of 80)

    Chapter 4: Grinding Galore

    Once again this part is pretty straight forward... But it contains a choice: the easy way or the right way!

    I know that I need:
    - 75 Moonshine (that covers 150-225 csp)
    - 16 Distillate (that covers 225-233 csp)
    - 50 Battery (that covers 300-350 csp)

    So I still have to figure out how to get from 232-300 csp. The answer to that is not as obvious as before. There are several possibilities to chose from including all the following recipes:
    - Moonshine (150-225-300)
    - Idol (150-225-300)
    - Distillate (150-225-300)
    - Tea (250-300)
    - Chewing Tobacco (250-300)
    - Fruit Liqueur (250-300)

    To go from 233-250 I can choose from the first three, the cheapest one is Distillate, so that will be my pick (that makes another 34 distillates). However to go from 250 to 300 csp there are two main options: Distillates or Tea, again I chose to produce another 100 Distillates but not because it is cheaper but because it allows me to get a lot of green products for the achievement. If you don't care about that I would choose Tea. (As I get to the lower recipes and on my way to the top I might adjust this and produce some Tea if I notice I will make it anyway, but for now I prefer to err on the safe side.)

    To go from 300 to 350 csp there isn't any choice, I have to produce Battery, which I don't mind since I need them later anyway.

    To produce 75 Moonshine (150-225 csp) I would have to produce:
    - 75 tinderboxes
    And then get:
    - 525 sugar
    - 525 potato
    - 300 grain

    To produce 150 Distillate (225-300 csp) I would have to get:
    - 300 oil
    - 750 wood
    - 150 Canteen (crafted by MS)
    - 450 iron rod

    To produce 50 Battery (300-350 csp) I would have to get:
    - 50 ship's bell
    - 50 roll of wire
    - 100 oranges

    Grinding Galore, summary: 150-350 csp

    * Production:
    - 75 Moonshine (used for Fine Liqueur)
    - 150 Distillate (used for Glowing Mixture (16) and thank you gifts (134))
    - 50 Battery (used for Hair Lotion)

    * Needed products from lower level recipes:
    - 75 Tinderbox (0-50-100)

    * Achievement related info:
    - 125 products in yellow (to a total of 335 - so I got that achievement covered - no more tracking)
    - 150 products in green (to a total of 230)

    Chapter 5: Use your resources well

    This part is quite easy too, thanks to the work previously done. It does contain a small trap (that I didn't see until it was too late).

    I know that I need:
    - 25 Petroleum (that covers 100-125 csp)
    - 2 Sulfuric Acid (that covers 125-127 csp)

    So I still have to figure out how to get from 127-150 csp. The answer to that requires me to look at it in several steps. The recipes available to me are:
    - Petroleum (100-125-150)
    - Sulfuric Acid (100-125-150)
    - Ink (100-125-150)

    The tricky part is that it seems that Ink requires almost double the resources than the other two, but in fact it requires less than the other ones (as one of its products is Sulfuric Acid - that actually helps you anyway).

    So, considering I know that I need 25 Petroleum and 2 Sulfuric Acid that covers 100-127 and leaves me with 23 points to do as I please. As I said before I fell in the trap and went ahead and produced 25 Sulfuric Acid (as I prefered to have extra of those - they are used for the Fabled Antidote after all), doing it again I would instead do 12 Sulfuric Acid and 11 Ink (leaving me with one Sulfuric Acid too many)

    To produce 25 Petroleum (100-125 csp) I would have to produce:
    - 25 tinderboxes
    - 25 Uncut Pyrite
    And then get:
    - 50 oil
    - 150 hay

    To produce 14 Sulfuric Acid (125-139 csp) I would have to produce:
    - 14 Sulfur
    And then get:
    - 28 hay
    - 28 glass of water

    To produce 11 Ink (139-150 csp) I would have to produce:
    - 11 Sulfuric Acid
    And then get:
    - 11 indigo
    - 22 whiskey

    Use your resources well, summary: 100-150 csp

    * Production:
    - 25 Petroleum (used for Hair Lotion)
    - 14 Sulfuric Acid (used for Ink (11), Fabled Antidote (2))
    - 11 Ink (garbage)

    * Needed products from lower level recipes:
    - 25 Tinderbox (0-50-100)
    - 14 Sulfuric Acid (0-50-100)

    * Achievement related info:
    - none

    Chapter 6: The first product

    Hm, seems it wont be perfect, here i realize that there isn't any way that I wont have to craft extra stuff.

    I know that I need:
    - 14 Sulfur (0-50-100)
    - 100 Tinderbox (0-50-100)
    - 80 Resin (0-50-100)
    - 16 Amulet (20-40-40)
    - 10 Stomach Medicine (50-100-100)
    - 41 uncut pyrite (0-10-10)

    And also at least 20 green products - but actually the more the merrier as it will allow me to produce Tea rather than Distillate later on.

    The Uncut Pyrite requires too much micro management even for me and the Amulet and Stomach Medicine I wont need till much later. The Sulfur and 25 of the Tinderboxes I will need immediately so those are a given.

    To produce 14 Sulfur (0-14 csp) I would have to get:
    - 14 sulfuric rock
    - 14 hammer

    To produce 25 Tinderbox (14-39 csp) I wold have to get:
    - 25 granite blocks
    - 25 cotton
    - 25 fool's gold.

    After that it becomes a bit trickier, but not much... I have 11 things to craft until 50 csp and then the possibility to get 100 green products. So I decide to make as many Resin and Tinderbox as possible (with preference to Tinderbox as I will need them earlier than the Resin - thus giving me more time to collect all those jugs).

    To produce 11 Tinderbox (39-50 csp) I would have to get:
    - 11 granite blocks
    - 11 cotton
    - 11 fool's gold.

    To produce 64 Tinderbox (50-82 csp) I would have to get:
    - 64 granite blocks
    - 64 cotton
    - 64 fool's gold

    To produce 36 Resin (82-100) I would have to get:
    - 36 saw
    - 36 jug.

    The first product, summary: 0-100 csp

    * Production:
    - 14 Sulfur (used for Sulfuric Acid)
    - 100 Tinderbox (used for Petroleum (25) and Moonshine(75))
    - 36 Resin (used for Herb Liqueur)

    * Needed products from lower level recipes:
    - none

    * Achievement related info:
    - 100 products in green (to a total of 330 which allows me to make some Tea rather than Distillates around 250-300 csp)

    Chapter 7: Final touch

    So, now the route is pretty much set, there are a few extra products I will need to craft myself and I also need to arrange for a MS and a FC to help me out. The preferred manner to get help with products from other crafts is to collect the products needed yourself, go to their town and sell them the materials and then when they are done go back and pick up the resulting product.

    There is some room for going outside of the route when considering achievements primary in the 250-300 region - where I can make some Tea and Idols (provided I get good deals on the materials).

    Putting all this information together will give the Cheat sheet below, that could easily be copied to some kind of spreadsheet to help keep track on progress.

    Chapter 8: Cheat sheet

    After all that work, here is my recommended route to go from 0-610 csp:s all things considered.

    your csp:s | csp:s gained | products crafted | recipe used | materials needed for each one | used for | yellow products (total) | green products (total) |
    0-14|14|14|Sulfur|1 hammer, 1 sulfuric rock|Sulfuric Acid (14)|14 (14)| 0 (0)|
    14-50|36|36|Resin|1 saw, 1 jug|Herb Liqueur (36)|36 (50)| 0 (0)|
    50-100|50|100|Tinderbox|1 cotton, 1 granite blocks, 1 fool's gold|Petroleum (25), Moonshine (75)|0 (50)| 100 (100)|
    extra|0|25|Uncut Pyrite|1 fool's gold|Petroleum (25)|0 (50)| 0 (100)|
    100-125|25|25|Petroleum|2 oil, 3 hay, 1 Tinderbox, 1 Uncut Pyrite|Hair Lotion (25)|25 (75)| 0 (100)|
    125-139|14|14|Sulfuric Acid|1 Sulfur, 2 glass of water, 4 hay|Ink (11), Fabled Antidote (2), extra (1)|14 (89)| 0 (100)|
    139-150|11|11|Ink|1 Sulfuric Acid, 1 indigo, 2 whiskey|nothing|11 (100)| 0 (100)|
    150-225|75|75|Moonshine|1 Tinderbox, 7 potato, 7 sugar, 4 grain|Fine Liqueur (75)|75 (175)| 0 (100)|
    MS|0|70|Canteen|1 horn of a cow, 1 beaver skin, 1 wood|Distillates (70)|0 (175)|0 (100)|
    225-260|35|70|Distillate|1 Canteen, 5 wood, 3 iron rod, 2 oil|Glowing Mixture (16), gifting (54)|0 (175)|70 (170)|
    FC|0|40|Jug of Water|1jug, 1 glass of water|Tea (40)|0 (175)|0 (170)|
    260-300|40|40|Tea|1 Jug of Water, 1 cooking pot, 1 berries|gifting (40)|40 (215)|0 (170)|
    300-350|50|50|Battery|1 ship's bell, 1 roll of wire, 2 oranges|Hair Lotion|50 (265)|0 (170)|
    extra|0|25|Uncut Pyrite|1 fool's gold|Lye (25)|0 (260)|0 (170)|
    FC|0|25|Charcoal|1 hay, 1 wood, 1 granite blocks|Lye (25)|0 (260)|0 (170)|
    350-375|25|25|Lye|1 Uncut Pyrite, 1 Charcoal, 5 wood, 2 glass of water|Snake Oil (25)|25 (290)|0 (170)|
    extra|0|44|Resin|1 jug, 1 saw|Herb Liqueur (36+44)|0 (290)|0 (170)|
    375-440|65|80|Herb Liqueur|1 Resin, 1 peace flower, 1 lotus blossom, 2 glass of water|Fine Liqueur (75), Fabled Antidote (4), extra (1)|50 (340)|30 (200)|
    440-450|10|10|Pair of Compasses|1 spike, 2 chalk, 2 lassos|gifting|10 (350)|0 (200)|
    450-500|50|50|Rose Water|1 rose, 2 lotus blossom, 4 rum|Glowing Mixture (8), gifting (42)|50 (400)|0 (200)|
    500-525|25|25|Snake Oil|1 Lye, 1 snake skin, 1 sulfuric rock|Glowing Mixture (24), extra (1)|25 (425)|0 (200)|
    525-550|25|25|Hair Lotion|2 Battery, 1 Petroleum, 1 puma skin|gifting (25)|25 (450)|0 (200)|
    550-600|50|75|Fine Liqueur|1 Moonshine, 1 Herb Liqueur, 1 jug|gifting (75)|25 (475)|50 (250)|
    extra|0|16|Uncut Pyrite|1 fool's gold|Amulet (16)|0 (475)|0 (250)|
    extra|0|16|Amulet|1 Uncut Pyrite, 1 raven feather|Glowing Mixture (16)|0 (475)|0 (250)|
    FC|0|32|Incense|7 tobacco, 4 berries, 1 cigarette|Glowing Mixture (32)|0 (475)|0 (250)|
    extra|0|10|Tinderbox|1 granite blocks, 1 cotton, 1 fool's gold|Stomach Medicine(10)|0 (475)|0 (250)|
    extra|0|10|Stomach Medicine|1 Tinderbox, 2 chalk, 2 glass of water|Fabled Antidote (10)|0 (475)|0 (250)|
    600-608|8|8|Glowing Mixture|3 Snake Oil, 4 Incense, 2 Amulet, 1 Rose Water, 2 Distillate|Fabled Antidote (8)|8 (483)|0 (250)|
    608-610|2|2|Fabled Antidote|4 Glowing Mixture, 2 Herb Liqueur, 1 Sulfuric Acid, 5 Stomach Medicine|bragging|2 (485)| 0 (250)|
    [1] csp: crafting skill point
    [2] I decided on 610 since I couldn't find a way to get to 650 that wasn't going to 610 and then just grind out the last 40 points anyway
    [3] as listed on tw-db.info
    [4] new recipe that will be released with the next update
    [5] these numbers are guesstimates - as I collect more information I can give more accurate numbers
    [6] numbers are: csp:s when recipe is available - csp:s when recipe turns green - csp:s when recipe turns grey
    [6] TP: Tonic Peddler, BS: Blacksmith, MS: Master Saddler, FC: Field Cook
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  2. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Nice guide, but there are a couple choices on which I do not agree.

    I disagree with distillates over moonshine. When you factor in the products for canteens, the time to grind products is longer than moonshine, 9:51 compared to 9:11 (TW-DB's numbers), plus you have to deal with getting someone to craft the canteens for you. For me that absolutely means grinding the products for them. I get them before I even ask to remove them grinding for me as an option. You also need 50 moonshine for brewing fine liquor. I also think achievement for 250 green recipes also has extremely limited appeal. I did it once with a blacksmith and that's enough for me.

    Again, I prefer self sufficiency whenever possible and that means chewing tobacco, which you can make entirely by yourself, and not tea or fruit liqueur, which you cannot. In this case chewing tobacco does take a little longer even when you factor in the products for jugs of water for tea, but I still prefer it.
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  3. rice farmer

    rice farmer Guest

    Nice job, I don't suppose you could do the same for the other three professions? ;)
  4. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Oh, and despite the usefulness of sulfur, resin, and tinderboxes in later recipes, the only reason I've ever gone with tonic peddler was specifically to craft cigarettes while key hunting, so that meant cigs to 101. I just recently decided to level one of them and I'll be finishing my chewing tobacco shortly.

    One other thing to consider: I usually tend to amass my products before starting crafting, but once we update to 1.35, it will be a good idea to craft 3 products per day for your daily checklist.
  5. rice farmer

    rice farmer Guest

    To get the recipe for the fabled antidote, you would need 2588 lp on TM.....
  6. Lovendal

    Lovendal Well-Known Member

    Sep 28, 2009
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    No, you'll need steel chests :)
  7. Edlit

    Edlit Guest

    First of, since the intro was missing (had to edit the whole text to make it shorter), you might have missed one of my goals: to take all achievements.

    Second, although you are strictly right about moonshine over distillate, there are two other factors to consider... a) what would I do with the extra moonshine, and b) distillates are such a nice gift for all the people that helped.

    Third, cooperating with other crafters is not an issue taken into account with this guide, and I can't imagine it do be a problem for anyone but the most anti-social players.

    Again, I understand your point, but not in scope of this guide, although it is a valid point and I wish I would have reserved the second post in the thread for considerations like these.

    You suppose right! But now that you know one way to do it, there is nothing to stop you from making one for BS, Elmyr for MS and someoneelse for FC.

    And again, completely different set of goals than the ones outlined in this guide - although by the time of your posting it was not clear enough.


    Keep the feedback coming, I will try as best I can to shorten the guide so that I can incorporate the most valuable feedback.

  8. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Not everyone will have the same goals crafting and having completely different guides for different goals would be excessive.

    There are vastly different degrees of cooperating with other crafters. It is a HUGE pet peeve for me when people post in an alliance market thread asking for crafted products without offering the required products. As I said, I gather the products before even requesting the crafted product and as often as not, I'll deal directly with alliance crafters.

    The blacksmith to which I referred who is going for achievements still wants to limit his reliance on other players because they are personal achievements. It's one thing to power level a crafter for the good of the alliance. Since doing green recipes did nothing for my alliance I didn't seek any more help than was necessary.
  9. fronosf

    fronosf Guest

    Where can i find Instructions: Construct a pair of compasses??
  10. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Any job that can drop $3500 items. Work as a traveling merchant or break up gangs are good because recipes drop as random products as well. Use TW-DB or TWI's calculator to find appropriate jobs. 400-skill recipes ARE hard to find though. If you look at TW-DB's item statistics, there are three times as many 450 recipes in imported inventories than 400. My tonic peddler bought his on the open market. The spikes are a big enough headache.
  11. Cameahwait

    Cameahwait Guest

    Why can't we just buy recipes normally in shops etc. as it is already hard enough to get to level 600 without having to get stuck trying to find recipes as well?
  12. djogani

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    Sep 21, 2012
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    can someone edit this post according to the new changes in crafting system?
  13. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Instead of editing this thread, we've always needed a more general crafting guide. I'd do it myself (I doubt anyone has crafted more than me), but I don't have the time.
  14. MisterColt

    MisterColt Guest

    Ah, so sulfuric acid was needed for fabled antidote - I guess they changed that.

    I suggest going to http://tw-db.info to look up the crafting recipes. At this point, any guide can become quickly outdated anytime they change a recipe.
  15. Rheahera

    Rheahera Member

    Jun 10, 2011
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    I just started a new recipe, & it started out gray - no craft points! What is with these changes to crafting? You can hardly get any points out of recipes now, they turn gray so fast, or even start out gray.
  16. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Either it's a visual bug (sometimes in the past when you learned a recipe and looked right away it showed as grey) - refresh - or you learned a recipe that you could have learned earlier. The skill required and at what crafting skills it goes green and grey are set in stone and don't vary based on when you learned them. Regardless nothing has changed.
  17. Dinca1

    Dinca1 Guest

    What do I have to do to get crafting skill points when each craft says there is no chance of gaining a crafting skill point?
  18. dissembler

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    Aug 16, 2012
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    get the next recipe that moves you up. they stop giving you crafting points when you hit the next recipe above one you are on
  19. *Anoop*

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    Aug 31, 2013
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    I'm a tonic peddler and crafted 114 moonshine to make it from 225 to 250
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  20. Parafrog

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    You are at perhaps the toughest section of crafting. It is the same for each crafting profession.
    You have three nearly equal options at this point:
    Create an Idol, Prepare Various Distillates and Prepare Moonshine
    Preparing Moonshine will prepare you best for crafting at a higher level because it's needed for Brewing a Potency Remedy and Brewing Fine Liquor. The other two recipes, Create an Idol & Prepare Various Distillates, will help you earn a few dollars from collector's ... which may help pay for any needed higher level recipes.
    On a brighter note, you only need to reach level 250 and then you will be able to use Tea Blend, Mix Chewing Tobacco and Brew Fruit Liquor to move up much more quickly.