899 More Ways to Annoy People

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393. Go into a dressing room and after waiting a very long time, shout very loudly, "THERE'S NO TOILET PAPER IN HERE!"

Lord Regal

The West Team
398. Edit reason 397 so that it reads: Change the emoticon codes and don't allow the old ways to work anymore and make people look like idiots :dry:


399. Start a conspiracy theory rant in D&D and refuse to listen to everyone else's posts.


402. Post in town forum EVERY job you do for 2 weeks.
403. After someone says anything state "Yeah, well I AM genetically superior"
404. Grow long hair :)
406. Skip numbers when people are trying to keep count of things
406. Repeat numbers when people are trying to count things
1. Claim your suggestion was the first no matter what place it came in.
408. Tell people soccer sucks and make suggestions on how it could be better
409. When watching a sporting event with a die-hard fan state how you would have played that play different and that they are all over paid
410. Place multiple copies of the same generic sig.


teh train robber

402: Ignore the previous post as it had multiple ways on it.
411: Let the poster know that you were kidding.


414. Allow a car to rust in your neighbor's lawn while he's home.


415.Keep singing "The lion sleeps tonight"the worst possible way you can.
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