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Advent Calendar 7. Game




1. Missing Church - white building - every town/ghosttown has a church
2. Missing shadow - every signpost of this kind always cast a shadow
3. Strange road generation - probably a visual bug


1. no sign shadow
2. church building in the ghost town is missing ?
3. animals shouldn't be in the ghost town ?


1-town's church
2-sign's shadow
3-the pickaxe above the wagon


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1 - no church (or white building) in the town. even ghost towns have the church building

2. no sign of the jobs marker over the truck which indicates there are jobs there


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1) Church missing from ghost town
2) in game, signs near road are arrow style pointing in direction of “town” in picture above its rectangular

roland jacobs

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there are two places the road curves and doesn't continue. one near the wagon, and the other leading into the town.
1. There is no church at the ghost town
2. There is no graveyard next to the missing church.
3. The wagon tracks curve north of the wagon and then continue. They should be straight.


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Missing church in the ghost town (all towns have one built by default) and the sign on the crossround below the town is lacking a shadow


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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

The evaluation of game 7 is complete

  • The ghost town is missing the church
  • The work icon (hammer) above the cart is missing.
  • There is no shadow for the board.
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