Advent Calendar 7. Game


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1. The church is missing from the ghost town
2. The job icon is missing from the top of the wagon
3. shadow from sign at junction point is missing


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1. bug - Ghost town has no church
2. bug - crossroad sign has no shadow
3. bug - there is no "hammer" icon (job icon) above job place


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1.There isn't hammer icon above that wagon which represent jobs at that place 2. The road is crooked, it suppose to be straight.


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1. church and graveyard are missing from the ghost town. even the smallest ghost town always has a church on the sprite. and if graveyard was missing there would be other buildings missing as well.
2. the sign on the bottom centre has no shadow
3. the little icon with the hammer to start the job is missing above the job site


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well, for instance...there's no church in that ghost town
there's also a missing shadow from the sign at the crossroad
now, apart from the fact that the pickaxe symbol is missing for the job...i see absolutely nothing and i've studied the pic for several minutes

hope that's enough


1.the wagon
2. a crooked road (NW of the wagon)
3. the sign has no shadow (bottom of the picture)


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1. in the upper left the plants are usually growing in the desert
2. the sign over the city is missing
3. the sign over the job-giver is missing


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1. The church in the ghost town is missing
2. the labor hammer above all jobs including the picture such as transport ammunition is missing

Pankreas PorFavor

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1. The hammer icon is missing above the job site location on the right side (the cart - where Transport alcohol, Transport ammunition and other jobs are located)
2. The church in the ghost town is missing.
3. The wheel tracks or road in the top right doesn't look correctly connected



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1. Church is missing in town, there is always a church when you build a town.
2. The icon above the jobs is missing 1638907210484.png


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Find the mistake.jpg
1. Church is missing in the town, 2. Shadow is missing from the sign post, 3. Jobs button is missing.


In my opinion:
1. The jobs group icon symbol is missing;
2. The shadow of road wooden sign is missing;
3. The church icon/symbol in the town is missing.

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1. there is no church on the city icon (it has been there since the foundation of the city)
2 there is no hammer above the work icon (cart)