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Advent Calendar 6. Game

Finland Tradition at Christmas time young men would dress up as Goats going from house to house demanding Food & Drink. If the household did not apply the young men would commit evil deeds.


Originally young men with fur jacket, a leather or birch bark mask, and horns.

Nowadays children, who are who are dressed up, singing and performing house to house and collecting candy.


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The Finnish Santa Claus is called Joulupukki. It means Christmas goat. It originates from a Finnish tradition of nuuttipukki, which directly translated means Knud-buk. The goat is named after the Danish saint, Knud Lavard, who was murdered in a forest near Ringsted on January 7, 1131.
This dramatic event made the Swedes mark the day as the one where the Christmas festivities ended. In the 18th century, Knutdagen was moved to 13 January. Twenty days after Christmas Eve, young men with goatskins on their shoulders went from house to house eating and drinking
the remnants of the Christmas meals.

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Winner of a Ibenezer Grinch's chest (Note: If you want parts from 2021 please wait to open them.)
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  • 1 x Medals bag
  • 1 x Fortune cookie
  • 1 x Choose any Mega Christmas Bagfrom 2013-2021
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  • 3 x Choose any buff from the following list:
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    • Plum cake
    • Candy canes
    • Christmas pudding
    • Eggnog
    • Yule log
    • Christmas butter cookies cutouts
    • Roseberry-orange Thumbprint
    • Christmas gingerbread
Disclaimer: You will receive every item separately to your inventory!
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