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Originates in Finland, evil spirit that resemble a goat-man that demands leftover food.

Joe Kidd

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Feast of Saint Knut, is a traditional festival celebrated in Sweden and Finland on 13 January.


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Nuuttipukki is the rather mean spirited Finnish version of "Santa Claus"... More like Krampus.. Kinda goat like. The Finnish Christmas Goat! :-D He goes thru the house eating any food he can find. Typical goat! lol

Lucky Dan

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Nuuttipukki is scary character (usually young men) dressed like goat who were walking on 13th of January from house to house and demanded leftovers of alcoholic beverages


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From Finland. People dressed like goats portraying Evil spirits that would go door to door demanding gifts and left overs.


Nuuttipukki is Saint Knut's Day, celebrated on the 13th of January in Sweden and Finland. It is named after a Danish duke who was canonized. It is the day when the Christmas tree is taken down and all the edible decorations are eaten.


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Nuuttipukki's origin is Finnish (Finland). It means "goat man" and is meant to be a Krampus-like figure.


In Finland, the nuuttipukki as they are called were evil spirits who would go door to door demanding gifts and leftovers from the Yule feast.