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Advent Calendar 4. Game


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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Our 4th game is here! A nice little game to occupy your mind while you do your Holiday shoppings!
Remember to leave your answer in this thread, and not make a new one.

Santa asked an elf to cut 2 cm x 10 cm strips of wrapping paper from square 10 × 10 cm sheets. Good to know: that for an elf it takes 20 seconds to cut a strip. How long does it take to cut a sheet completely into strips?
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Good luck & have fun,
Your The West Team


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80 seconds... Elf needs to make 4 cuts (each 20s) and which result with 5 strips 2x10 cm.... Last cut makes 4x10 cm into 2 pcs 2x10 cm


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80 seconds. You cut first strip, second, third, and when you cut the last one, you obtain another 2.


But the last two strips will be cut at the same time so the time it takes is 4*20 second.
Final answer is 80 seconds.


it takes 9x20seconds, 180 seconds, because to cut 10 stripes you have to cun 9 times since the last cut will give you two stripes.


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Since the strips are the same length as the sheet, there are only horizontal cuts. First cut at 2cm, second at 4cm, third at 6cm and last at 8cm.
4 cuts = 80 seconds

Take It Easy

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80 seconds, the elf has to cut the 10x10 sheet 4 times in order to make five 2x10 strips (with the 4th cut he makes two strips from the remaining 4x10 sheet).


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100 seconds or 1 minute and 40 seconds.
5 strips can be cut from one 10x10 sheet, the elf takes 20 seconds to cut one strip; To cut 5 strips it would take the elf 20x5 = 100 seconds = 1 minute and 40 seconds

Harriet Oleson

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If the elf needs strips at 2x10 cm, with a square sheet at 10x10 cm he can make 5 strips (... cause 5x2 = 10). And if he needs 20 seconds to cut a strip, he needs 5x20 seconds = 100 seconds (= 1 minute and 40 seconds) to cut a sheet completely into strips.

Pankreas PorFavor

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It takes 80 seconds.
10 x 10 cm sheet can be cut into 5 2 x 10 cm strips. To do that, you need to make 4 cuts (and not 5) since the last cut is from a 4x10 cm sheet that you just cut in half and with that one cut you make 2 strips (with previous 3 cuts you made 3 strips). 4 cuts, 20 seconds each = 80 seconds.


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5 pieces of 2x10 strips can be made from 10x10 cm paper. To obtain 5 strips, it is necessary to cut 4 times, it takes a total of 80 seconds.

Chris Twoshots

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10x10 sheet will give 5 2x10 strips. It will take 4 cuts to get the 5 strips, so 4x20=80secs= 1min and 20secs to complete the job.
Chris Twoshots
Dakota world

Bitter Lemon

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Step 1: I fold along the red line the sheet.
adv 4.png
Step 2: Now I have a narrow strip. Now I cut right and left the fold line. I need 2x 20 sec for this.
adv 4.1.png
3rd step: If I cut cleanly and neatly, I now have 5 strips in the size of 2cm x 10 cm.
adv 4.2.png
For cutting I need 40 sec. How long I needed for folding remains my secret. ;)

adv 4.3.png


100cm paper gives 50 x 2cm strips.

One takes 20 secs.
50 takes 1000 secs.

So 16.6667 minutes.