3. Key


After so many hours of searching i am kind of giving up on trying to find the third key.

So I am seeking for someone to sell it to me.
Offering money and/or named things.
Reply to me either here or ingame


Immediate purchase of 3. Key On 09/15/11 at 3:52 PM Delete » Immediate purchase of 3. Key

You were able to buy the item 3. Key immediately for $ 7500. You can pick up the item at the market where it was sold.

In exchange for nats athos als and allens....
Fair deal :D


Yeah, it probably is a fair deal. The prices I've seen on .net for third keys are $250k or so. Those are around $300-350k, but much more easily obtainable and much less useful. The only one I ever use is Al's.


I am searching another one for a friend of mine who is searching a third key with desperation^2....
If anyone is selling another one please contact me and i will lead you to him...
(I'll even help him pay)


OK am offering a better deal than you here athos foil Nats machete and 85k for 3rd key contact me in game if you have one to sell to me


So you gave up too^^
I heard you had a desperate search...
( i still think that there is a bug -.-)
Well anyways the first person to reply will do so in 2 days when the steel boxes will start dropping maybe there will be 2 ppl that dont need theirs:rolleyes: