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Advent Calendar 3. Game


If a person opens his/hers advent calendar too early. system puts a bounty on that person. So that person becomes duellable.
Well there isnt said that this situation happened in The West game.. It could happen in real wild west. A man left his town and went on a journey. then someone challenged him for a duel. EZ solution.

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Kral Azurit


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Cuz they were NAUGHTY and opened their Advent Calendar too early! So Maya gave them a Piece of Coal and slapped a Bounty on them for being Naughty! :-D
The player must have opened the advent calendar before it should and the game itself puts a bounty on that player even if he or she out of town. So anyone must have been duelled that player because of that bounty.



The yearly Advent Calendar put bounties on the heads of townless players if they opened a Calendar door early.

Catwoman3 Las Vegas


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The yearly Advent Calendar put bounties on the heads of townless players if they opened a Calendar door early, thus making them fair game for duelists.


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During the advent calendar, if you open the doors too early, the system will put a bounty on you.
So you're gonna have a bounty on you, can be dueled even without a town. :)

magwai the akeoj

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The only way for this to have happened is if the player used the Advent Calendar too early, which causes the game to impose a bounty on the player


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"This player" opened doors in Advent Calendar too early, and so got bounty on them along with [A Piece of Coal]

Johnny Reb

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Opening wrong door on Advent calendar (when the date that does not match the door number) automatically creates a bounty on the player who made this mistake. It makes possible for anyone to duel this player even if he/she is without a town.


The duel was initiated before he left the town!
With automation, you can schedule 8 long tasks (like traveling the map bare-foot), and then finally the duel. This would take a long time to complete and would register as a valid duel