2015 Luck Hunt Challenge


Are you guys taking notes of the job I and others are doing for you in regards to a recent Global Event on Briscoe?

You guys are taking notice that a toon is hosting an EVENT on a declining population server, right?
Is offering self and other toon contributed prizes?

Does the GM Team even give a crap about this or is taking notice?

I'm busting my ass for you guys to sponsor an Event.
Wake your ass up to it and at least recognize it.

Thank you,
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Getting real close to having (15) voluntary, active Participants....

Reflective of the general population of Briscoe as a whole?????

We launch Sept 1st and run thru Sept 14th....


Respectfully keeping the GM Team updated:

We've launched with 16 Participants.

Sept 1st thru Sept 14th.

Best Regards,


Thank you, GM Team, for your contribution to this voluntary, global Challenge, on Briscoe that was toon hosted.
You guys did an outstanding job.

Here's the last post from in-game forum:


dlightning -- 16,775 -- GRAND CHAMPION -- Glossy Premium Chest
AceHigh11 -- 16,668 -- RUNNER UP -- Premium Chest
alimute -- 15,105 -- THIRD PLACE -- Unique Precious Chest
deiben -- 5777 -- HOST
BITEME12 -- 4546 -- FORTH PLACE -- Noble Chest
Sora Hunter -- 4275
Shonjo -- 4063
chaotious -- 2809
billions911 -- 2212
Rennser -- 2157
shadow-zd -- 1899
Aquamaan -- 1767
whitenoisemaran -- 378
HelenBack -- 0
Jed Thornbush -- 0
Jenjen38 -- Level 110 -- Contribution of Unique Chest & Noble Chest for DFL Prize
gaurdian of hell -- Contribution of (60) iron rod buy-in to a sub level 99 toon that was never accepted and kept by the Host.

[player]BITEME12's[/player] HIGHEST SCORED REPORT:
Named after BITEME12 for contributing it.
BITEME12 with a score of 103
PRIZE: Winter's Set Knife, Rifle, Horse, Bauble, Charm, Hat, Boots, Belt, Pants and Coat.
Gotta LOVE the irony of BITE winning back the incredible prize she contributed :)

chaotious with 21 points
PRIZE: Unique Chest + Noble Chest contributed by Jenjen38.
Congrats to chao for being a two-time winner of Luck Hunt Challenge DFL titles.

And with that, another global Challenge is in the history books.
My sincere appreciation & thanks to everyone that participated, contributed and supported.
I host them, but it's you guys that make them a success, and this one was indeed :)
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To put things into perspective, look at the top 3 scores.
dlight is level 150
Ace is level 100
alimute is level 116

Take their score above and multiply it by level...

Those (3) guys alone, in terms of purchase price value of gear/recipes/non-resources gear luck dropped almost $6M in a 2-week period.

Let it sink in....

The GM Team did an outstanding job in contributing to that kind of energy, effort and motivation on this server they support.

I really could use the GM Teams support on the next one....

Auditing of this Challenge will be found in the Briscoe/Fil of Dynamite/2015 Briscoe Luck Hunt Challenge forum......

Please audit me, GM Team, and my hosting of this Briscoe Challenge.
I'll run and host them, but I sure could use your help with the prizes the next time......

Best Regards,
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Someone really took the time and energy to give me a Red UserCP ranking on this:


Can you sign your CP's or do you hide behind anonymity when others are promoting activity and motivation on your server?

We already know the answer to that question....
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Someone really took the time and energy to give me a Red UserCP ranking on this:


Can you sign your CP's or do you hide behind anonymity when others are promoting activity and motivation on your server?

We already know the answer to that question....

The person posting "get over yourself" is spot on with the comment.

I don't think I have ever seen someone fuzz more about a tiny little event of 12 active participants. I.e it's deiben and a few friends playing around in their little sandbox - nothing more, nothing less...

It really is time with for reality check - and time to renew your prescription for your pills against your megalomania, or change to a new brand if you have been taking them regularly for the last couple of years... If you really care about Briscoe, you should find someone that works.


And I don't think I've ever seen someone troll, not only in game but now here, with more hatred, contempt, and a passion to destroy than you have shown towards my hosting of that Event.

12 or 17 Participants/Contributors. You, from the gallery, without access to the Event forum, say 12 participated. I, as the Host, say 17 participated AND contributed. That number doesn't matter.

What does is that one toon took the time to encourage activity in the game, to Host an Event on his own time and creativity, even if but one dynamic (luck drops), and you're showing once again that you'll do everything you can, spare no expense, to discredit it. Why?

Did I fail to get your terms and guidelines for hosting the Event?
Did I fail to get your approval to host it on your world?
I know I hosted it without your permission.

Jesus, xqr.... The Event ended the middle of September and we wrapped it up around the end of the month.

But yet you take the time to come here a whole month later, on Oct 30th, to reference prescriptions for pills and my care for Briscoe? Really??

Go back to being semi-retired. You didn't embarrass yourself then.

Or, get better at shooting down and discrediting any and all individual initiatives to promote activity on Briscoe that don't have your blessing.
You did pretty good on this one, but you can do better with totally wrecking the next one.

And yes, xqr, I will fuzz on bringing together 12 active toons for a 2-week, dynamic specific event on Briscoe with another 5 that contributed to and supported it.

What global event on Briscoe have you hosted again? All on you, out of your pocket and time? None? Nothing?
We both know that. And it's why it's so easy for you to shoot down the efforts of those that have.
You've never stuck your neck out there and hosted one.

But c'mon, #1, you're only semi-retired..... You can host one.... Should get more than 12 participants and 5 contributors.

I won't troll it. And I'll not only participate but I'll positively contribute to it's success. See you there, but I doubt you'll ever be there to Host an Event.
You're so much better at discrediting and destroying them than you are at creating, hosting and promoting them.

See you at the first one you host or the 8th one I host.
Either one, I'll be there to promote. Consider your role and contribution to it.

And to wrap this up with you, #1 xqr, you'll find this post, from me, in my second post, dated July 2nd, in this thread:

"...but the cost/reward along with forum hijackings and a few toons getting butthurt over it is not worth the investment."

I saw you coming a mile away and months ago.
Stop being butt hurt, xqr. The Event is over.
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