Advent Calendar 20. Game


The West Team
Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Our 20th game has arrived! We are here again with another game!
This week it's christmas!

What Christmas product incorporates a silver strip that features a compound known as silver fulminate?

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Good luck!

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Christmas crackers are a popular tradition at the Christmas dinner table. In 1847 a baker Tom Smith invented the crackers. He had discovered these on his trip to Paris. Thereafter he innovated and created the Christmas crackers.

The crackers contain a small amount of a chemical compound known as silver fulminate AgCNO. This is created by reacting concentrated nitric acid with silver and ethanol. This compound is "very sensitive" and can even "self-detonate" under its weight in large enough quantities.


Christmas crackers incorporate a silver strip that features a small amount of silver fulminate (AgCNO). Christmas Crackers are small cardboard tubes covered in a brightly colored twist of chemically impregnated paper. Used as decorative party favors, when pulled apart, the friction creates a small explosive 'pop'.