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The roman festival, from Roman times, drawing direct threads to Christmas as we know it today was Saturnalia.

Saturnalia originated from 3 winter festivals: day of Saturn (Saturnalia), feast day of Ophelia (Opehlia = Earth, wife of Saturn) and Brumalia.

Saturnalia was Romans mid-winter knees up, a topsy-turvy holiday of feasting, drinking, singing in the street naked, clapping hands, gambling in public and making noise.

Saturnalia was more about a change in attitudes than presents. But a couple of gifts that were given were white candles named cerei and clay faces named sigillariae. The candles signified the increase of light after the solstice, while the sigillariae were little ornaments people exchanged.

These were sometimes hung in greenery as a form of decoration, and people would bring in holly and berries to honour Saturn.


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Hello !

Long before the birth of Christ, the Romans celebrated the Saturnalia from December 17 to 24.
Saturnalia were the commemorative festivals in honor of Saturn, the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Kronos.

During this period, social barriers were broken down, meals were organized, gifts exchanged, children were given figurines, and green plants were placed in homes, including holly, mistletoe and ivy.

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Which Roman festival, from Roman times, draws direct threads to Christmas as we know it today?

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