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To not have this thing again with one Low other hight, do the same thing you did in april 2022, everyoneone start at level 140-150, You dont have xp boost, but same boost for luck money etc and everyone can compete from the same level in duels, people who are doing xp , no one can stop them, but like I said , without xp boost , same thing for next speeds, start everyone at 200-250 -150 or whateever and do not put any xp boost.

And please do a Duel speed world, but with teams / team 1 Team 2 team 3 (put some good rewards) because I am really tired of individual speed worlds, and please stop doing speeds every 1 month.

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so who win from this event? we know who was rank 1 unit 3, but who was rank 15?
"Winners will be published on the forum at the latest 14 days after the event ends."
Even ranks 1-3 are not 100% finalized -- the results are still being processed including resolving any outstanding determinations of ineligibility. They will be finalized and published in due course (probably within the next day or so) but, if we need additional time we will take it.


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next time dont unban players that have been banned during the event and remained banned when it ended, it makes the ranking shift completely, making it an RNG competition of who gets what rank

just a friendly suggestion :up:

nothing in the event rules states you can, or will unban banned players after the end of the event, which in turn can influence the end rankings... a rare L for the event team, but an L nontheless

it would be nice if you showed all the rankings, not just the places that receive rewards (and in case of duels, also the wins, and also the conditions for a tiebreaker)
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Ah I was pretty sure I was counting correct for the #15 in the win rankings
Is that possible that people who got banned didn't count at all at the ranking even if they did not win anything?
Haha anyway it doesn't really matter, the 15th place was meant to be like that for the randomness I guess anyway.

As for my feedback
1)it was good lasting 4 days, but I would like to see those speed servers run for about 10-15 days so it is really speed servers but if you miss 1-2 days or if you sleep a bit more you can still compete. 4 weeks like previous servers is too much, 4 days too little for a healthy and balanced gameplay.

2)For the duel ranking I liked for a change the most wins instead of the most experience. But yeah it can be tricky with lower levels and pushing and all of that. But it is still a strategic play, congrats to all who participated, I had some nice duels!