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Colin Morrigen

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Traditional British Christmas Cake
Ideally, it is made 2 to 3 months (at least 10 weeks) before Christmas, and then gets regularly 'fed' with brandy, allowing the soaked cake to 'mature'.


Well first I thought of Christmas pudding but then I thought of Lutfisk or Lutefisk from Sweden, Norway, Finland ... more? The fish is hung to dry after catching and preparing. First outside for drying approx 3 months in feb-may (the right temperatures in nordic countries then) After that it is dried inside for two to three months to mature. Then before christmas it is first soaked in water (changed every day) and after that it is soaked in lyewater before it is again soaked in cold water. This takes approx. 14 days. Then you can cook it carefully. This is considered food for feast since 500 years... personally I hate it! :)

Harriet Oleson

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I think I'll simply answer : Christmas cake.
It requires several months of preparation to make it mature ... But after searching, I haven't found anything prouving it was "the longest preparation time for a christmas dish" so I'm not sure that's the kind of answer you're expecting.


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Classic Christmas pudding
The pudding is started about five weeks before Christmas, or the last Sunday before the Christian season of Advent in an old tradition silver coins were also added to the pudding mix..


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this is a trick question, because some budda and others take over a year to prepare. so ani answer will do smoked ham, takes me 3 days


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Menudo also known as Mole de Panza is a mexican soup. This type of dish is always made during special occassions such as christmas, and takes many hours to make, approximately around 5.