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Advent Calendar 13. Game


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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Our 13th game is here! A nice little game to occupy your mind while you do your Holiday shoppings!
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This happy hymn of praise was translated from Latin and rewritten in English in 1841.

John Francis Wades may have brought the text from France and later wrote the melody. The melody and a few verses in Latin were found in Wade's papers This Christmas hymn is well known in Latin as Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx. Its origin is obscure, but four verses in Latin and the melody were found in the papers of John Francis Wade. Wade, a Catholic who studied Gregorian chant, lived for a time in France and may have brought the text from there when,
in 1751, he took up residence in Lancashire. What song is this? Both the original title and / or the English count as today's answer

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Good luck!

Your The West Team