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Advent Calendar 1. Game

Chris Twoshots

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Kalikantzaros (pl. Kalikantzari or Kalikantzarei) or Kalikantzaraki (meaning small Kalikantzaros) (pl. Kalikantzarakia)
Chris Twoshots Dakota World


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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Our first game has arrived!

In today's little question, we will touch a part of the superstition of this, for many, special time:

What are the names of the creatures that, according to Greek superstition, come down through the chimneys at Christmas time and create havoc?

Useful information:

  • Deadline: 2021-12-02 at 23:59 CET (server time)
  • You can sumbit your contest entry by sending a comment in this thread!
  • The answers will only be visible to you and the moderator team. The answers cannot be edited.
  • For more information about the contest and rewards please check our announcement: Advent Calendar 2021

Good luck!

Your The West Team