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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Our first game has arrived!

In today's little question, we will touch a part of the superstition of this, for many, special time:

What are the names of the creatures that, according to Greek superstition, come down through the chimneys at Christmas time and create havoc?

The answer is:
According to Greek legend, malicious goblins called “Kallikantzaroi” would come up from their underground homes on December 25th, and would play tricks on humans until the 6th of January. You could get rid of them by burning logs or old shoes, or hanging sausages or sweetmeats in the chimney.

we have accepted variations over the spelling and inflections off the word Kallikantzaroi (goblins, spirits and gremlins)
Well done :-D

Useful information:
  • Deadline: 2021-12-02 at 23:59 CET (server time)
  • You can sumbit your contest entry by sending a comment in this thread!
  • The answers will only be visible to you and the moderator team. The answers cannot be edited.
  • For more information about the contest and rewards please check our announcement: Advent Calendar 2021

Good luck!

Your The West Team
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According to the superstition, the goblins hide in the houses, slide down the chimneys and play mischief with the residents, and to drive away the "Kalikanzari", the Christmas fires are lit every night.