1.3 feedback


Ok we don't need to speculate or hear rumors anymore.List your thoughs on what you like or dont care for.

The things i liked:
+very nice job selection,there is something for everyone,even melee has some goodies.
+huge selection of pants and belts
+Finally cap to 120,it might not seem like much,but many 99's appreciate it.
+much more polished telegrams,it looks good.
+the much better inventory is outstanding.

Neutral stuff:
(+ -)Map haze.
(+ -)some jobs difficulties
(+ -) resistance build getting a pretty big boost.
(+ -)Too many jobs too easy to do now.low level can do stuff 20 levels earlier.
(+ -) It gonna be really tough to be a worker in new worlds (KO's)

The bad: so far none yet,but there are a few balance issues still to be determined + it looks like too many jobs pay too much.

Your turn, opinion/constructive feedback!

Darth Maul 2

When you recieve a report itt notifies you in the chat box. And when you duel NPCs you get like 10´s of report noticies lol, annoying "spam".


is greenhorn set worth bothering about for experienced players, im in 2 minds to bother doing it, the only nagging doubt is, the mods will bring out a questline where you will need it!!


Why the comment about resistance builds getting a boost?
I'm not sure exactly what he is referring to but resistance builds finally have a high luck job available to them with sulfur mining.


It's an upgrade across the board: equipment+jobs+the 45 min no hotel duck (indirect upgrade)

One of the main advantage of shooters/offense build used to be having decent jobs at the expense of not having health. Now vigor/resistance got health+jobs.
Also the 45 min "no safety even in a hotel" after a duel hurts the offensive/range build but not the resistance build.

It might still work out ok,but resistance build looks a lot more attractive now.


The raid

I've been working on completing "The Raid" quest, and now I get a big red "Failed" when I open the quest-book in the saloon!?!?


The bad of course is the minor bugs I've seen but I trust them to fix those soon enough.

And yeah, I haven't yet determined where to re-obtain the usable items that were used up.


Good points Saltin. I'd say that for resistance builds the benefits actually come in the form of gear that enhances the other skills so you get a chance to do more jobs (in addition to the extra 'resistance-friendly' jobs).


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I was excited to see so many new jobs. Is there anybody working on an all known job list? Or are we going to let West Stats do that for us?

John Bootes

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Superb update! Now I can start collecting a massive bunch of new items and products.

Just one thing: It's such a nice and polished update but why on earth is the trader surrounded by a white square? :p


I quite like it, though i don't know the game as well as others so for me it's possibly more superficial.

I like that there are more jobs and the pants and belts.

I really like the new Quest book which basically spells out what i'm aiming for for each active quest.

The only thing i don't like is that we have to wait for the poor person who does West Stats to update the Job Calculator :)

Any ideas how long that may be?


Sweed: it's still ok ,you just need to move to the NPC quest giver spot to complete it.

Bill:yeap bugs will still be fixed for a while it's a major upgrade but what reusable items are you talking about?

Supraxus yeap by extension that too,the stats on belts/pants are quiet generous.

John! you should post in the forum more often,3 mins after you posted the bug got fixed! that fast enough for you? Ahahaha

Betaband no word on when that's happening yet.


1.30 has just revived my west career. I'm back and excited to get to Lvl 120!

I'm currently making my shopping list for all the pants + belts I want to buy. Crazy bonuses!

Eli Makepeace

I can't find the in-game 'best-item' equipment tool any more, where it highlights your best items for a chosen job in yellow in your inventory. Hopefully, that's just me being inattentive, because I've really come to rely on that script.

The big change for me is nerfing the NPC duels. I'm only getting about 10% of the experience points that I used to, and my whole development plan was based on those duels, so it's rather spoilt my gameplan. I bought up loads of Xmas crackers so I could keep my duel motivation up and now they're useless to me.:mad:


I am sad that NPCs are now useless to me and my power leveling was short lived, but it's only right that way. On the other hand my resistance soldier gets many experience jobs. I am even going to activate the "More Energy" premium for better results.