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1.23 Thanksgiving Quest


i will just throw in a question.
why thanksgiving? i mean, it's us & canadian celebration, the main servers are in germany, the company is in germany. So why did they pick up this celebration?
will this mean that they will pick other nations' celebrations as well?

Erm the name of the Game , might give a clue to why they deemed thanksgiving a worthy date to comemorate with a quest :laugh:

If it was "The Outback" then they might comemerate ANZAC Day , but it isnt :cool:


Yes, but the game is set in the American Old West.

Yep, like it or not, the game is set in the US and should use American holidays. I've played games with knights before, should I complain that we don't have petty nobility in the US?


Why was there no halloween quest then?
Halloween is celebrated in the US.

In relative terms halloween has just recently been popular in the States, whereas thanksgiving directly relates , or even pre-dates the time period the game is set in


and now, after spending like 20 hours on corn and oranges, the quest deactivated. This really is lame. A quest available for few days (7 to be precise) that requires such efforts to get it done so that only a few can get it done in time. And i am an adventurer with premium, still i have 1 orange missing. And yep, today i lost the quest, and now i have so many hours worked for nothing. Shame with this quest :sad:
Why making these quests, that eat up a lot of time, with pointless jobs for all the players that did reached level 10-15, and that depend on pure chance, so that a lot of players don't get them done in time? It's really annoying to spend 20 hours doing little jobs and drop your normal xp jobs or money jobs (for example i dropped grizzly hunting, building a mansion house, hunting wolves or buffaloes, stealing horses, charlatan, trading with indians...) so that in the end you get the quest deactivated. Time wasted for nothing. 10 turkeys? I wasn't been able to get those oranges in time, i got all the items i didn't needed, got a gun, got 2 hats, but got only 5 oranges. Thinking i had to waste another 10 hours on laying tracks (practically another full day of work) then i don't know how many hours, probably tens, to get those turkeys, it really needed a month to finish this one without tons of luck. Pointless quest and be sure i'll not wait 1 year to finish it. That att point is not worthy to wait 1 year for it.
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I've spent 40 hours trying to get those damn turkeys and I've been stuck at 9 all day today - got another 2 hour Turkey Hunt going (down to 12% motivation) and now the quest is deactivated WTF????
What a waste of my time this quest has been :mad:


No................. That really sucks. I was rushing like a hell and now left with 10 turkeys 5 minutes after midnight? And this miserable quest is over? It's not even annoying It's damn ridiculous.


Nah, this shows a lack of respect from Inno as regards the time people are putting in to playing their game. I think the Hunting Turkey quest was temporarily broke to produce far fewer turkey legs than it should, and in any case they should have made clear the quest would expire. Even if we can't be treated fairly as gamers, we should be treated with respect as consumers: if you want to sell us nuggets, let us make an informed choice, instead of messing us around. You haven't made this a particularly deep game, Inno, and there is lots of unfinished an unimplemented work still do. When you come up with something new, it is seized upon by players eager for enjoyment. When you implement as poorly as this, you frustrate their expectations and show a lack of regard.

I registered on this forum to just to say the above, and that I'm quitting my accounts (been playing for a couple of months, long enough to level up to 45). Won't have trouble finding better things to do. Was enjoying it up till now.

Best of luck to you all. Have enjoyed this forum too.


DAY 7 Mouses in experiment keeps dragging pieces of turkey, oranges and berries towards the gates. Only few knows gates are closed.
DAY 8 Some mouses behave strangely trying to walk over the gate, hit the ceiling, walk over on and on... There are some mouses keep on biting their own tail. Few succeeded eating it half through.
DAY 9 Counting device must have broke. It shows number of mouses decreased slightly. Can't be as my new stimulus program with a shiny little things mouses can now collect should boost things up........

Having fun?
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I'm not too bothered that it was a timed quest, however what I am annoyed at is the lack of information about the duration of the quest. This especially so as to the ammount of effort needed on low ranking jobs.

Let people make an informed decision wether to risk trying the quest , if they try and fail having made a desicision with all the information , then thats just hard luck that they chose to give it a go and failed.

Before some-one says "it was obvious that it needed to be done by thanksgiving stop whining" I beg to differ.

There was speculation rife that the stipulation was that it lasted all month , that it only needed to be accepted within a timeframe ....etc. etc

Was there any official confirmation NO ... come to think of it did anyone know for sure what the timeframe was?

It really beggars beleif that the powers to be can turn a suprise celebration quest that many were enjoying into a Total and utter public relations disaster.

How did they do this ....through sheer bloody arrogance , obviously we dont matter enough to be informed of the facts. Really , just how long would it have taken them(out of their valuable time) to add to the quest line dialogue ....this quest needs completed by midnight on thanksgiving day.:mad:

Come to think of it just who's screwed up logic made it midnight .... I'm not one who celebrates thankgiving but I'll wages any ammount that thanksgiving dinner isnt traditionally eaten at midnight:rolleyes:

:blink:<<<< A Dev


Rather abrupt end to the quest.

I 'live' in the 'west', and, seems the quest ended about 3PM here. Was it a thanksgiving day lunch?

I know the game isn't developed by American's, however, if you're going to chose an American Holiday, in 'The West', at least set the expiration to occur 4 hours before we've had our thanksgiving dinner.

Ah well, this was a huge waste of time. Hunting 10 hours a day for the past 3 days, plus, at least hitting the turkeys once a day (for the adventurer quest) for the past 2 weeks, and only 7 turkeys total.




I am razzed about the time and effort put forth to achieve this quest only to spend 22 hours to get 2 turkey legs and then have the quest canceled! For that, I am NOT thankful at all!:sad:

Penny Dreadful

Infuriating. I have 389 LP to hunting turkeys, I did it for 4 days straight, I ended with 9 turkeys and now can't complete the quest.


After 42 hours of Hunting Turkey I finally get my 10th Turkey - AFTER the damn quest expires :mad:


What the hell devs doing? I have spent countless hours to collect those stupid items, working on low exp jobs, and now after collecting 6 turkeys on my last attempts to finish the quest, suddenly the quest blocked. Totally waste of time, welldone devs, you have made lots of people angry here.

Artemis Gordon

I agree. I got my final turkey on both worlds I play about the same time as the quest ended here - early on Thanksgiving day. That was a ridiculous amount of time wasted on low experience/pay jobs for nothing.