★AUREOPOLIS★ - The town with Style.


Welcome To:
The town with Style.

Aureopolis was a town founded with one phrase in mind:
It's a Game, so play it properly!

Of course the phrase was later phased out, but it's Value still stands. If you want to play the game, and play it properly, then what's the point of joining a complete town? The fun is in the building, and that's what you get with Aureopolis!

You will get to:
Help out with the vital elements of upgrading a town.
Learn the Game - Properly
Govern and Rule your own town...

We are not going to bother posting our town stats on here, because the values of a town are not the Buildings, but the people inside it.

Please message Mafdog, for an invite.

Also, there is a near 0% chance of getting dueled, as we are far away from Big Corporate towns, and are allied to the Aeterno Empire - Who is there to protect our backs, 24/7.

Bob T. Builder

What is it with you guys lol :)

You should get some sort of propoganda award...



Aureopolis is not a part of the Aeterno Empire, but we are just close towns, and the Aeterno Empire Luvz to help other people.

That shows how great Aeterno Empire is!

*Here I go again with the propaganda and all that!*