1. New Adventures statistics don't show on player profiles

    Affected worlds: All Browser: confirmed on Firefox and Chrome without scripts Type of Bug: Other Description: Adventure statistics, such as "Adventures completed" and "wins", don't show on player profiles.
  2. 0 xp bug for fort battle ?

    hi, yesterday i was participating in a fort battle on world colorado. i stayed alive for like 30 rounds ( 4 rounds online ). yes, i did 0 dmg as i missed every shot i fired, but still i get hit for over 2000 dmg and well, i was part in a fort battle but i received 0 xp for this fort battle. may...
  3. Gift boxes for repeatable daily holiday tasks don't work

    Hello, When I finish the repeatable holiday daily tasks, my reward gifts are not clickable. I get a "The item does not exist" notification. Please advise. Thank you!