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  1. Harsha..

    The West Avatars V3.0

    Proposal: Completely overhaul the avatars in-game, lending a greater degree of diversity and creativity to the choices available for players to use with a combination of both classic, present and brand new avatars. This has the potential to add revenue for innogames without adversely impacting...
  2. Harsha..

    Original avatars

    Saw this on Juarez One of the orginial classic west avatars. All round agreement they look cooler than most of the new avatars we have today. If one of the moderators can get that avatar, it would be fair to allow rest of the playerbase to request and pick one. Whenever a player crosses a...
  3. Harsha..


    Usually when I place a marker on the map, it looks like this To make it clickable, I have to copy it, then edit out the decimal numbers. Can this be fixed?
  4. Harsha..

    Collector cards

    I've done most of the collector card achievements and I've noticed something pretty strange. In most cases, the achievement comes pretty quickly, after around 6-10 attempts. But in a few specific cases, it takes a really long time - it took me around 75 "soft marbles" to get that achievement...
  5. Harsha..

    Feedback: Halloween giveaway

    Since there wasn't a feedback or other thread for the giveaway on the forum, I took the liberty of creating one. To summarize my feelings about the video, it was 8 minutes and 27 seconds of my life wasted.
  6. Harsha..

    RAM overload when running the game

    Hey guys, As it goes, I use Opera browser, a pretty reliable browser. I open up around six worlds at the same time in the same browser, and many times, my computer goes and crashes completely. Other times I open task manager and observe the browser is consuming an unusual amount of RAM. which...
  7. Harsha..

    We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    I feel it's time this subject was raised again - there simply are too many worlds. While I do understand the economic incentive in opening new worlds - players start there and spend nuggets to level up and get gear, there is no sense in leaving older and inactive worlds open. It does...
  8. Harsha..

    Everyone wants to be an adventurer - the problem with character classes

    In my town, multiple new players appear, some of them grow and others disappear. Usually, I try to give them advice as best as I can, but by the time I recruit them, they have already decided upon the most important, player defining feature - character class. A disproportionate number of the...
  9. Harsha..

    Day of dead stuff unavailable in Xmas bags?

    Recently, there have been some rumors going around, that the Day of dead stuff wont come in the bags. I have heard this information from fairly reliable sources Can someone refute/confirm this? - is there any particular reason why innogames won't want the stuff to come in the bags?
  10. Harsha..

    4x pretzels for generals

    As with most things in life, people do things because they give some sort of rewards and benefits. People fight in fort battles, for the bonds, pretzels and fun. But, the most critical person in a FF, the General, who starts the battle and does all the legwork to make it possible gets the same...
  11. Harsha..

    Soccer fan's set vs Shepherd's set

    Hey guys, I was looking closely at the set bonuses of both these sets, Soccer fan's set: Shepherd's set: To me it seems the shepherd set, a free set is actually better than soccer fan's, a nugget set, It has the same bonuses while having better...
  12. Harsha..

    Soccer's fan set

    Many of you here have seen the new set already. For those who haven't, you can check it out in this link This set seems to be just as potent as the Hawaiian set in terms of bonuses, but is way cheaper. How good is this set, really? Are the set bonuses...
  13. Harsha..


    Hey guys, old player here, back after five years. I had heard Victor Kruger and the Mercenaries had moved from W1 to this world some years back. Are they active in this world, and are any of the old Mercenaries still around?
  14. Harsha..

    Invisible bidding

    Proposal Create a new system of market trading, where the bids are invisible Current Workaround Things can be traded in the market through instant purchase OR real-time auctions Details Right now, there are two methods of selling stuff on the market 1. Instant buy 2. real-time auctions The...
  15. Harsha..

    most deserving player of World 12

    I would like to know who's the most deserving player of world 12
  16. Harsha..

    Greenhorn speed bonus

    As some of you know, the greenhorns have a +2300% speed bonus. The problem is that this bonus is not effective - my lvl 120 greenhorn is as fast as my other characters. Does the bonus get disabled after you cross lvl 10?
  17. Harsha..

    P&P Chinese

    As i've heard (and seen), the Chinese are coming to town seems like they want some forts - I'll give 'em some duels in return
  18. Harsha..

    TW-times newsletter

    Can anyone tell me how i can subscribe to this newsletter? - The TW-times. I could have gotten it wrong, but wasn't it's old name "broken saddle"?
  19. Harsha..

    Resolved member points

    In the town rankings, towns get points, based on their building levels, point points, member points and duel points. I'm aware that you get 5 duel points for every win. How exactly are member points calculated? - are they based in some way on achivement points of the members of a town?
  20. Harsha..

    browser games

    This is a simple question, really - what promotes people to spend real cash on browser games? - the money goes into buying an object that exists digitally, which ought make it more worthless than a piece of paper. Yet, i've seen people - big old people spend dozens of euros into buying game...