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  1. Feedback Duel Event

    I can not duel anyone in the morning. People that are active after 9 pm server time have a very big advantage over people who are active in the morning. Everyone its 72h bug. Next time do your job!
  2. Feedback Duel Event

    Thanks for this magnificient event when i have right now 6 targets to duel :) sound so fun
  3. Feedback Duel Event

    To not solve a bug after you opened the event, 6-7 days and counting, it's pretty unberable, that's why this game pretty much sucks at this point/
  4. Feedback Duel Event

    For sure everyone can get them. But you are not one of them. Thats why you don t have them:)
  5. Feedback Duel Event

    You can not obtain them, or what? Thats you are against them, shiny guns are not very old old school, but are old school, no one use them in normal servers.
  6. Feedback Duel Event

    No, it wont, but shyny are part of the game, if you wanna do them , you can do them, its not that hard.
  7. Feedback Duel Event

    This is the worst event did by INno games by far. 1. I can not duel the players i want. I need to duel him, send the mod a report(because bug) and wasting like 25 minutes to a duel, and probably in the same time someone duel that player and kill him after mod unlock him. 2. People pushing for...
  8. Feedback Merging Danish (DK) market with International servers

    I do think they want the best world to die, anyway, no brain Inno
  9. Feedback Merging Danish (DK) market with International servers

    @cooper. Go talk with them to come from 0 in colorado :D
  10. Feedback Special Speed Server Fort Battles

    This type of **** kills every world... Who the **** needs this?
  11. Feedback 14th Birthday Speed Event

    Dont do the speed event in time when people are active on their servers, do them in january or summer, you kill every ff on net active servers! And didnt receive a ****** receipe of 50 for blacksmith, its ****!!
  12. Would you like to see Awesomia battle Join restrictions continue?

    Just a little off topic, when you have a world like vegas opened and have just 1 vote :|...
  13. Feedback 14th Birthday Speed Event

    Gringo îs everywhere. If i walk to the streets now and ask a man/woman if he/she have gringo right now they will both answer with :Yes for sure, we won at The 10000 speeds events.
  14. Problem with some sets

    No one use hawai anymore, that set its trash now, they just put the xp /luck set to be used, not a ff set (except trash lucile by now) its sellable.
  15. Games Status

    Ok, just saw on Ro server today, they shuted down 4 f**** worlds in less than a year, how its posible to not shot down already Briscoe/Dakota and El Dorado... are we sure we have comunity boss here, or they log in 1 a month?
  16. Feedback Update 2.172
  17. Feedback Update 2.172

    This game its that boring that drive people away from The most active server. Apel quit, harsha became inactive. Veteran players +8 years în The world drived away by The incompetent management of this game. We are already tired of this updates. No one give a single s***. I am near quiting too...
  18. 2022 Awesomia battle initiative -- Discussion

    Why the time its at 00 am on the most popular server...
  19. Which World?

    What you said it's actualy true, but the new worlds doens't last even 3 months, look at Vegas, after Chrismas not full at a small :)
  20. Which World?

    Colorado its the world to go, duels/ff, market, it's like 20 to 25 ff that its full/almost full for both attackers/defenders in a month, at Valentines and gold coins we get to play for bigs because it was too much overfill for medium. And for duels, well Cooper it's waiting for you there :))