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  1. Feedback Changelog 2.177

    FYI folks. As has happened many times in the past, most of the new achievements will not show up until you craft something! Enjoy!
  2. Soccer cards?

    The soccer event ended, the cards no longer drop from jobs but inno did not remove the daily tasks quests. It is a bit broken. If you have a black soccer ball you can try equipping it to possibly get the questline but you cannot complete it. We had this same issue last year by the way! Soccer...
  3. Feedback Update to version 2.173

    Jobs in Fairbanks world are now in foreign language. My other 4 worlds are fine
  4. Link to last year’s announcement for coin event.

    I think this is the link to the old coin event ~ You linked to 2021 event, the coin event is from 2020 (and it repeated last year too LOL!)
  5. How do the drops work?

    Don't forget to read the free coin quest. It tells you there are more coin quests at both ghost town & indian village! Also do not cancel a coin quest the appears to become inactive! It will become active again the next day so you can complete it! The quests run something like every other day...
  6. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    Fort Battles used to be the best way to get XP. Not any longer! You want players to return to forts? Totally eliminate power-levelling via church building. It has destroyed the game!

    It seems to me that the game needs advanced worlds. Beginning worlds that go to L119 or L149, then advanced worlds where you advance to at L120 or L150. This will keep high and low levels separated. The simplest way to do this is all new players start in a new series of low level worlds and all...

    There is a process lag in fort battle updating in all cases. The most obvious one is when you relog you do not see ranks in battle chat for a minute or so. Keep this in mind when you place your dot & target (2 step process you MUST set target. Target yourself if you do not want to move). Cancel...
  9. Update 2.159 Feedback

    Fresh from beta on "special high level quests" ~ Al35ul CM: There is only the one [quest] at the moment, but more will be added in the future :)
  10. Update 2.159 Feedback

    Update v2.159 ~ Special Quests We are introducing a quest group that will contain special quests for higher level players. I just stumbled upon a "special quest" at waupee's indian village county B5. It looks like you...
  11. Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

    YES!!! Has to be Lakota! As in Lakota Sioux Dances with Wolves ~
  12. Ode to Ares Venganza!

    Ode to Ares Venganza! I just received this Friend's List telegram. Dear All, I have just heard that Ares passed away two weeks ago. I don't know anything more so.... Many of us had many arguments and often disagreed with him. But Elderado wasn't dull and often was not a kind place. But he...
  13. Harvest time discussion thread

    It looks like at least some of the event quest bugs have been fixed today. Go to Ghost Town, Wilson's Farm & Angus McGuffin (all 3) and you should be able to pick up at least one quest depending on where you are in the original/repeatable. Good Luck!
  14. harvest festival preparation

    According to beta, yes it is bugged ~
  15. Hr Nyborg appreciation thread

    Enjoy your future nyborg. You have already gone down in the history of the west and it was positive!
  16. New Awesomia battles

    Sunday's Awesomia tale of the tape. All battles were excellent, considering they were awesomia. The staggered times were perfect! Once again defenders outnumbered attackers but there were more attackers this time. As with last week, I attacked in all my 5 worlds. We won 1/5, same as last week...
  17. Feedback topic on Fridays battle

    I am pretty sure that the no leaders and dead chats for yesterday were due to everyone trying to run many world's awesomias at the very same time. It was an abberation. I know I had no time to lead or even battle chat. barely enough time to control my toon! LOL!
  18. World closure

    Whoa, hold on thar cowboy, check please! I did not say not to allow international servers to join NET. I said do not allow them to migrate to our two already best population worlds colorado & kansas. Migrate them to our less populated worlds that need the help! As a matter of fact, the non-NET...
  19. Feedback thread about multi fort battles :-D

    I don't think anyone really wants mods to institute punishment for accidental multi digging. This is why I posted that if inno really wants a 2 hour rule, they should just put it into the programming code to prevent it from happening. On another issue, prime time, I never posted that prime time...
  20. Feedback topic on Fridays battle

    Attendance was low and most worlds had defends over-powered. In general with current best gear (cortina for defend), most players only want to be on winning side which they predict will be defend. They want to be on losing side during events so they can die horribly for double event currency...