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  1. Clever Hans

    Feedback Duel Event

    They don´t whine about the events team, their efforts are appreciated. They whine about the fact that the events are just a distraction from basically no game development and from the dead regular worlds. After 1-2 weeks of the event, you still need to go back to the same dead world without much...
  2. Clever Hans

    Feedback Changelog 2.177

    Is it just me or that "Send to all" button is bugged? Takes several tries of double clicking to get the dialog box to show up and almost impossible on cell phones..
  3. Clever Hans

    Feedback Independence Day Event 2022

    I wonder why it took you 2 years to release a version of Cortina set for attackers, something that has been requested over and over. Better late than never I guess..
  4. Clever Hans

    Feedback Merging Danish (DK) market with International servers

    Some of these worlds have less than 300 active accounts, no daily battles and some were also discussed to be closed at the forum last summer (during ex CMs tenure). Really odd choice of worlds to offer to DK players...
  5. Clever Hans

    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    Don't make me laugh and thanks for proving my point about slandering the players. Second, good quality battles on Juarez until 3 months ago? I guess if someone considers as a good quality 30 vs 20 fights where one side always digs for several days in a row the same forts that are constantly...
  6. Clever Hans

    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    Juarez didn't lose "40 players in short 3 months". It lost them over last 2 years, ever since your side won all forts and instead of balancing the sides, kept giving fort donations to losing side and then digging over and over same forts and transferring them back every time they got lost...
  7. Clever Hans

    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    So you actively encourage players to complain and submit tickets? Gosh, why not write a whole constitution about placing a dig? If you want to have a defined time between the battles, then make it part of the game code, don't come up with pages of rules and make arbitrary decisions which would...
  8. Clever Hans

    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    @Syntex Why are these rules being forced upon Community when the opinions are clearly divided and multies have not been an issue on most of the worlds besides the isolated incidents?
  9. Clever Hans

    (Interim) Local Community Rule on abusive Fort Fights

    I wonder on how many of the regular worlds you have an ongoing issue with multies right now. Most of the worlds in 2022 don't even have regular daily digs so not sure how much of an issue this is. I also highly doubt that this is such a burden ticketwise for Support team. The game should be less...
  10. Clever Hans

    Feedback Update to version 2.173

    So that project is dead or what? It´s been almost 2 years since it was announced..
  11. Clever Hans

    Feedback Update to version 2.173

    Does the feature have anything to do with Secret Project?
  12. Clever Hans

    Feedback 14th Birthday Speed Event

    I remember that in the previous years, we used to get a special exp and drop bonus as well as the VIP medals for TW Bday. It takes 5 mins to implement something as simple as that which would have definitely made your customers happy. I guess you have your reasons why you didn't do it this year...
  13. Clever Hans

    Feedback Easter Event 2022

    Crit magnet
  14. Clever Hans

    Portuguese servers need your help

    Great news!
  15. Clever Hans

    Which World?

    Many fighters I know and have played together with for several years have quit the game after infameous changes of introducing Cortina and making the defense bonuses OP. And then, there are also players like me who used to FF daily but can't be bothered with 2022 half empty unbalanced FFs...
  16. Clever Hans

    Portuguese servers need your help

    @mnnielsen What happened with the merge of .DK and .SE servers with .NET? Will that happen soon? And will more national servers merge after that? :)
  17. Clever Hans

    Proposed Community Rule on Abusive Digs

    Nice summary of required changes. For some of the proposals for the FF improvements, Goober mentioned that these can't be done by team and instead they would require the devs work. I agree, the real question is where are the developers and why they didn't do anything to address the problems with...
  18. Clever Hans

    Proposed Community Rule on Abusive Digs

    Something that might work for Colorado won´t work that well for the wastelands of other worlds without barely any diggers (except for GM fights). It´s not like multi digs were not already addressed by support team in the past, either by changing dig times or banning players in extreme cases.
  19. Clever Hans

    Feedback Update 2.169

    Talk about priorities, introducing new report buttons all over the map and changing old clothing stats while PvP has been broken for years now.
  20. Clever Hans

    Feedback Independence's Founders day

    Just to add, for whoever is coming with these brilliant ideas at the dev team, we don´t need a new clicky event every month. Also, we don´t need even more clicky events with low drop rates.